Saturday, February 17, 2007

Power Caching Reno style

Well, it was a girly weekend. Friday, Mamma Gravy, Moonchaser, and I went out and got 21 caches for Michelle. We hit all of south Reno and just raced through the urbans that were right along the area around South meadows.

We managed to bag a Geo-Jeeper super tough and a puzzle cache, but unfortunately were skunked on two new caches. All in all a great day.

Saturday went out again with LostInReno and Cash'n Out. Hit several micros, but scored majorly with the Urbex cache. It was down inside a concrete pipe. We didn't finish reading the page and so went way too far into the pipe. Cash'n Out called us back because she found the cache. A totally wicked cache!!

Then we struck after the two DNF's from yesterday. LostInReno spotted the first, a tiny nano tucked on the ***** (no hints here). Score! Then off to lunch at Qdoba. And since we were on a lucky streak, it was off to the second DNF.

After about 15 minutes of searching, we weren't finding anything, but then someone walks up behind us, saying that we sure didn't look like geocachers! It was MobileTrekker and kids, ready to give another go at the cache. So together we all searched, and searched, and played, then searched.

I crawled under one table, refusing to move until I had covered every square inch of that thing. After about two minutes, I finally struck gold - or black, rather. I jumped up and announced I'd found it - but everyone else was going to have to look for themselves.

I had a good time watching them scramble. Eventually, I pointed out to one of the kids where it was, who proudly claimed it. That was a great hide!

Afterwards, I met up with Dad and we went off to the Cal4WD expo at the Grand Sierra. However, at lunch, he brought me my order from eBay. An Original Stash Geocoin 1st Edition!!! Yippee!!

When I got back home, it was off to China East to meet up with Mom for her birthday dinner. They were down to buy a new car.

This has been a great weekend. Total found: 15 caches for me, and both DNF's found.

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