Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Home safe and sound

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. Even I have to admit that was enjoyable to just sit and stare at.

We grabbed breakfast as the Starfish Grill and the atmosphere was so much more relaxed than the previous night. The waitresses were really friendly and the food was very good.

Afterward, we headed out to fill up the tank, and to figure out where we were going. Dad didn’t realize that the Redwoods were so far away from where we were (and I didn’t realize that we were as far north as we were). So we cruised down the coast until we got to Florence and then cut over to Eugene to hit I-5. We decided that the best way to get home was to just get on a major road and GO!

After we made it to Redding, we got more gas (and a geocache so I could drop several coins and pick up one with a new icon) and turned to head towards Susanville. A late night drive around Lassen National Park, resulting in a watchful eye out for deer, brought us into town in time for dinner. We grabbed a bite and headed south. Dad asked if there were any caches around us, but I hadn’t done a pocket query, so I was just checking based on our coordinates. The only ones we passed were micros, so we just gave up on that idea.

Making it into Reno at 9pm gave us enough time to stop by GeoCoin Icon Madness to return the coins that I had. I swapped out all coins that had been in there for new ones and took the rest home with me.

Yesterday I ended up having to put in a ten hour day, so I only had time to load pictures – now my gallery has tons of shots of the plaque with each coin sitting on it.

The end result? A SERIOUSLY wicked weekend and a great time with a great cache.

P.S. also received another email yesterday – an invite to a RCGDS event in Lodi. The note started with “I see you will drive long distances for a cache.” Now that’s an understatement!!

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