Monday, February 12, 2007

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night...

Oops, forgot to do some updating.

First and foremost - Show 91: Challenge Caches. Go! Now! Listen to the goodness, for what better goodness is there than listening to me and hearing about my milestone and my Delorme Challenge story. Go! Go! I'll still be here.

And if you're interested: Here's the video

Okay, so the next morning after PF Chang's was Lollipops! Lot's of Lollipops! ((Admit it now, who of you just started singing??)) We made strawberry, spearmint, cherry, and lime. Then we just crashed and watched a Knight's Tale until about two hours from the event. By this time, I'd called Kelly to inform him I wasn't going to be there at 8am Sunday morning.

Marji had to pick up some small brushes for the chocolate she was making, so off to the store. When that was taken care of, we were still too early to go to the High School. So, off to find a cache.

Note, here, it's raining - still.

The first cache was a skunk, too many DNF's in a row and she couldn't remember exactly where it was. A quick PDA search led us to a cache in front of a Starbucks. From the details, the hint, and a couple logs we were able to determine what it was, just not where.

Note, too, that it's raining and neither of us have our GPS.

So, we're wandering around every single bush in the parking lot in front of Starbucks. Finally, I spot one part of the determined clues and squeeze myself behind a bush to look. SCORE! Found the cache.

Note, now, it's pouring and we've been out for about 5 minutes.

After signing the log in an incriminating pose, the cache is back in place and we're off to the event.

Note, it is now monsoon rains and we're soaked.

Once at the high school, we park (later determined to be second from the furthest we could get) and slosh our way to the cafeteria. I saw Rock&Crystal instantly, and lots of others that I'd heard of, just not seen. Later, got to hang out briefly with Lil' Devil.

I sat (well, stood mostly as I qualified for their various First, Milestone, Distance driven questions) and watched as the prizes were handed out and the raffle won. Kitty got a lot of cash from the 50/50 drawing.

Then, the marshmallows came out. At first, no one knew what was going on. Then, as CASAS (?) began explaining that we were in a cafeteria, it began to sink in.


A thousand marshmallows took flight, going in every direction, towards everyone whether seated near or across the room. as the chaos died down, a second treat was to be had. The hosts called out to every kid and proclaimed that the one who picked up the most marshmallows would win prizes. Those kids proved the efficiency of a single-minded goal and within a few minutes that place was clean!

The party began to wind down and Marji and I took our leave. It'd stopped raining and we were able to find the DNF we had earlier thanks to a lifeline at the event.

It was a good day.

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