Friday, February 9, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring...

This cacher is soaking.

Went to class this morning, and manged to score a high score on an assignment that's two classes late. Kewl

Then it was over the mountain. I-80 was saying chains on all vehicles except those 4x4s with snows. Thankfully I had that. Though Donner wasn't that bad, imho.

Once I got out of the snow and into the rain, it was time to find some caches.

So I hit Historic 40 (have no idea what this road's real name is) and tried for one of the Foothill Rally caches. Bombed that one, so off to the next.

I did discover that is now both accepting the 7 digit waypoint, and emailing the owner. Yes!

Went after 8 total caches today before heading to PF Chang's to meet up with Mrs. Skwerl. Had lots of fun wandering around in the rain and managed to only find one LPC.

A totally great dinner and even better company was had at the restaurant. We had lettace wrapped something, chow mein, and lemon chicken. The orange peel beef was too hot, so we sent that back.

Came over to her place where we watched Hoodwinked (fun flick) and talked some more before watching last weeks Puppy Bowl.

Now it's off to bed and on to the event tomorrow.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's raining?

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