Friday, February 2, 2007

Having the patience of a mountain...

We're here, in Oregon City, OR - a mere 10 miles away from the cache.

But I get ahead of myself...

Dad woke me up just before 7 this morning, and surprisingly we were out the door by 7:30. We headed to Reno to avoid the 'rush-hour' of Carson and stopped in Tamarack Junction for breakfast. That managed to get us by the Reno rush-hour.

After stopping by the bank, for cash and since my phone no longer can transfer funds, we headed north on 395 and began the journey. According to the audio we hit the freeway at 8:45.

The trip north was pretty much uneventful. Our first stop was in Susanville, where we filled up and grabbed some Frappachinos. Sue me, I'm addicted. It's been a long time since we've been up that road, and it was interesting seeing how much has remained the same.

From Susanville, we headed north along 139 to just outside Canby. Along the way we saw several frozen lakes, buffalo, and some beautiful northern California scenery, including Mt. Shasta. After we turned, it was on the way to Klamath Falls.

We arrived in Klamath around 3pm. A quick snack at Burger King - fries only - before loading up and heading out again on 97. At this point, I came to realize the Hwy 50 is not the longest straightest road in existence. 97 is! Over 50 miles of monotonous road leading onward and onward. The only break was seeing Mt. McLoughlin and Mt. Scott.

Finally we got to turn onto 58, the only significant turn we made on that road. This was a pretty drive for the first twenty minutes or so. Soaring green pine trees, glistening white snow, rocky outcrops in the hills that were barely visible through the trees. But then the trees thickened and you could no longer see anything past the edge of the road.

The moss on the trees in this narrow canyon was so thick it was drooping off the branches. Thick green ground cover lay in patches beneath the melting snow. At one point we could see a snow tunnel on the opposite side, but it too was soon blocked by the trees.

Trees, trees, and more trees. Too many trees for this desert rat. I was becoming claustrophobic. I want to see the distance!

We reached Oakridge in time to stop by Dairy Queen for a late lunch / early dinner. Too much greenery for me, and we headed out onto the road again.

I'll never get used to the Oregon policy of the pump.

Once we reached Goshen, it was onto I-5 and a rapid approach to Portland. I had fun watching the cell phone talkers drive all over the road and at 30 MPH! Consulting the maps, we decided to head over to Oregon City instead, and lop off the extra mileage needed to reach Portland.

Once in Oregon City we stopped at the Rivershore Hotel and grabbed a room. An excellent prime rib dinner (and nicely inexpensive) has us full and satisfied. We're now sitting in the room and watching TV.

Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, I begin life after 1000 finds.

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