Monday, February 12, 2007

A day late and $10 ahead

The trip home was, um, snowy. I-80 wasn't to chains mandatory, but they might as well have been. There was no road, only shaped snow to keep you in somewhat of a straight line.

Once back down in the valley, it was off to home before going to work. But, of course, I couldn't resist trying for at least one cache.

Managed to find the new Postal Cafe TB hotel in Washoe Valley - so dropped the CITO coin off. I hope it survives into anothers hand.

Today it was school in the morning, and then off to work. But first I had about an hour to eat breakfast. However, I saw a new puzzle cache at Mill's Park. Who needs food, right?

Spent the whole hour moving between the various stages until I found the cache. FTF got me $10. Hey, I can get breakfast!!

Work was, bleh, as usual. But I did find out just who sits around on the computer and is able to post numerous times to both the Nevada Thread and Nevada Geocaching Association.

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