Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Quickie Caching

For years, Carson City's been dry as far as new caches go. Drofrockology was pretty much the only one placing caches and then he sort of stopped.

Sure there were sparks every now and then, but nothing that caught hold.

Now there's a wildfire, right when I can't go grab them!!!

Duke.Johnson, signing his hides as The Huntsman, has been going nuts and placing caches all over the place. A few have popped up here and of course I just can't resist going to get them. Though the irritating thing is I just cleaned out Carson Valley! And there's three new ones!

I have to remember to pace myself, I've two weeks left until the Trip, and I'm already at 997. All I need is two more before I have to wait.

Thankfully, school is starting next week (ARGH) and my free time will evaporate.

But today, I went to go grab one of his. Called "A Little Cache" it's hidden off of Little Lane. There's a field that a lot of dirtbike BMX'ers like hitting and lots of whoops and twisting roads, in a small sage field.

I went out to bag it early and ran out of time. Second try there, I missed the trail and ended up circling it. This saved my bacon. The recent snowstorm left clear clues as to what was where and there was a very distinct mark on the ground that was left when the item hiding the cache (no spoilers here) was moved. Found the cache, and hoping beyond hope, opened the log...

For an STF. Drat.

So, to find a place to log in and to try for something new, went back to a prior cache I'd found 10 days ago. A D-Dawg's Critter Coin was waiting, so grabbed it. I'll post of picture, it's a great snake coin.

Work beckons and another 12 hour day faces me.

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