Saturday, January 20, 2007

A glimpse of heaven.

Though I don't hide many caches, I do adopt them when needed. So far, I've adopted 4 caches and I'm also the local watch-cacher for four caches out along Highway 50.

Recently, the owner and I (mostly I) had to upgrade an archived Virtual cache to a traditional. One of those new micros seems to be giving people a lot of problems. They're obviously not from western Nevada as the style has been popular here since grimmie began his SHM series.

So, 2 hours later I'm out at Cold Springs on Highway 50 verifying a cache was still there and took new coordinates

While there, I had a perfect moment. I was goofing off and humming to myself. I suddenly heard a loud thumping noise. Looking around I couldn't see anything, but the sound suddenly moved above me. I looked up and time stopped.

The sky was a perfect blue, the snowy mountains glistening white in the sun, a slight breeze had quieted, and there, above me, were two crows, their wings making the whooshing sound I was hearing. I watched them fly off, cawing occasionally. A moment of such stillness that I could hear the beats of a bird's wings.

On the way back in, I was toying with what cache to grab for my 998th. There's a new cache out at Carson Plains, but both stops led me to a rock wall and no luck in finding.

So I came back into town and decided to try for a cache with a couple coins. So, a walk of .2 miles (and I'm sick, this was smart) brought me to a sage filled area. Ten minutes later was a DNF, but I spotted a seriously disturbed area. I took a picture to show the damage, and spotted a golden fishing lure. Picking it up resulted in the whole ground moving. The 'lure' was in fact the handle to a lid that had been buried.

I'm all for bending the rules, but outright burying a cache is against the rules. There's just something about it that goes against the grain. So, I've asked Roadrunner to look into it. He claims there is some flexibilty to it, but he needs to review the situation.

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