Friday, January 26, 2007

New cache hide!

Well, I finally hid another cache. Though I have 9 under my name, only 5 now are ones I've hidden. 5 hides, 999 finds. Yeah, that's balanced. ;-)

This one originally was a GPS the Game cache, and I hid it where I've been wanting to hide a cache. The difference being that GPS provided all the stuff and you need to buy everything. So, that made it easier to hide.

I need to write to all the GPS gamers to let them know they can log the cache. I'm not going to make them re-find it, especially since two of them are from Denver.

But, I did head over to Wal-Mart and loaded up on swag. Plus the FTF prize (that didn't fit in the can) is a car battery recharger. I love the one I bought and it helps when the GPS suddenly goes dead.

So there's a new cache up at the King's Canyon Waterfall, all I'm waiting for is the good graces of RoadRuner.

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