Monday, January 22, 2007

Cache 999

Well today was the first day of college. But that's another topic.

On Saturday, it was the GBES's birthday and nearly everyone from around here and California showed up. Then swarmed Carson. One of the caches hit was Jesse's Hideout.

Now, previously, I've attempted this cache - three times to be exact. The first two times I saw nothing but a rock wall, lined with a rock pile. Two strikes against this hide, but as it is the only one in Carson I haven't found, I need to try one more time.

So, I drag dad along as he's been the best for seeing caches that I miss. However, twenty minutes later, we give up and glance back at the truck. Hurm, what's that cop car doing there and why is he staring at us?

Turns out the neighbors called the cops do to "suspicious activity" and it was us! This is the first time I've encountered the cops while on a cache hunt. A quick explaination cleared up the problem and off we went.

Now, today, geospyder replies to my quest for a hint. He says that this hide is similar to Safe1 caches with a twist. So after class, and before work of course, I headed over to the location. A quick walk-by spots the cache. GAH! How did I miss that?!

Oh well, that's what I get. Rock walls and rock piles take a lot for me to even bother with because so many people put lame caches there. I'm glad nv4life proves that he can raise the creativity bar in Carson. Good job!!

11 days until 1k.

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