Monday, January 15, 2007

Overtime Oddities

Today, I found the surest sign I've been at work too much lately.

This morning: Woke up early, so decided to go to Heidi's for breakfast. Afterward, saw an easy drive-up cache that was just posted, and have a possibility for an FTF. Make it to the cache site and see tiretracks and footprints. Fearing the worst, find the cache, open the log and... Got it. Another first to find.

This evening: While standing at the Club Booth that I'm covering because the closer got sick suddenly, I'm thinking, "I wonder if anyone found that cache that Dad and I found yesterday.

Elasped time: 8:30 hours.

I honestly believed until just now (while looking at the cache page) that I had found the new cache the day before. How I managed to gain a whole day is beyond me. But it happened.

This is my... 10th day working, though two of those days were half, one with Nicole and the other because I was sick. So far, I have over 30 hours of overtime.

I'm taking today off!

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