Sunday, January 14, 2007

Paperless caching

Well, no longer dying sick, but still feeling less than normal... so...

I'm a firm believer in paperless caching. Originally when I started, I was not a Premium Member, so printing out each page and manually punching in each coordinate was the way to go.

Well, one day, I punched the wrong number in and promptly turned a 2 star with a view, into a 5 star with no view.

I signed up the next day.

Since then, I've gone from downloading LOC files into EasyGPS to taking the GPX files into my MapSource. Also upgraded to a Legend cx and a PocketPC phone - so now I can load the GPX file straight into GPXSonar.

Then, to my heart's delight, I discovered the web site. Oh be still I can log from the road! Find a cache, log the cache, all while at the cache site. Gives my logs a rather "now" feeling about them, and keeps me from having to remember which caches I hit.

Add to it that I just got a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone and logging becomes a snap!

Though, Mama Gravy pointed out one day that she'd printed out a cache page that turned out to be just outside of my Pocket Query range. Well, I guess some paper is good.

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