Friday, February 22, 2008

Jeepin' and Cachin'

Nice ride for another great cool day of caching with geospyder.

So, yesterday, I see a post from geospyder that he'll have today free and would anyone like to go out with him to snag a few new caches. What the heck, I replied and set the time.

After seeing b0neZ off to work, I headed up to Sparks to hook up with spyder. We headed out for a great day of caching, watching the storm roll in, and hitting a bunch of caches. We even checked on a few of his that needed to be maintained. One we found on the wrong side of its hiding area - but luckily it survived the recent purge of "Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful" clean ups.

We finally called it a night when the rain started in and the wind brought with it chilly temperatures. All in all not a bad day and one I truly enjoyed!

Sorry this isn't longer - I've got a splitting headache right now - and I'm severely depressed about the fact that I had to come into work tonight. I can't stand gamblers - so answer me this - why in the world did I put an application into another one?!

You found BMH's Replacement, Valle Verde Vista, Hole in La Plata, Upper Deck, the Springs of Richard, Simpsons Movie Series - Bart was here., Bed & Lunch ?, Ernie's Place, Simpsons Movie Series - The Dare, Let there be light!, Heli Overlook, Route 22 - South Bound., I "love" Bulls

You couldn't find den2's first cache, Anchors Away


Rake said...

a day geocaching shouldn't be followed by an evening of work. That just spoils it.

hope the headache is better.

cosmiccowgirl said...

We were in the Reno area over the holidays and I really wanted to do some serious caching, but we only found one on our way out towards Oregon. Have you found this cache Hyperbole? It was right by our hotel and I wanted to get it sooo bad but it looked like the best way in was to hike from the parking lot across the street. Pretty area to cache in, hoping we'll be back to cache there the summer...or when the snow melts...

Anonymous said...

I haven't done it - but I think I know who has. I'll email them and get them in touch with you.