Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A waterfall in the desert

Trying to find the cache.

Well, yesterday my hiking partner bailed (other commitment) and since I was dressed for job hunting, I kept that up. So, no hiking yesterday.

Today, decided to get going. However, there was a chance that I could get an application into a new casino that's being built. So a quick stop there and my interview was done. I totally wasn't expecting it so I was dressed in my usual hiking grubbies. Oh well.

Decided to head up and get the cache I had meant to on the 6 mile day hike. Pulled up to the parking area and hiked up to the trail. I felt totally psyched that I managed to get up to the trailhead without stopping and trying to catch my breath. I somewhat hesitant scramble up the boulders (as my shoes were now wet and muddy and I had a cell phone in my hand doubling as a GPS) got me to the site of the waterfall.

Course, at this time my bluetooth GPS decided to die, Tracky decided that my 15 minutes of fame were up, and my Garmin had a pair of bricked batteries. Joyous!

I crawled all over the hillside looking for the cache, even went so far as to carefully cross the creek at the base of the falls thinking it might be over there. Nope, no such luck. So, after 40 minutes of blindly scrambling around the snow and ice covered rocks and steep slope, I finally broke down and called John.

He directed me over to the area that I'd determined to be the correct spot from one of his pictures. He directed me to a ledge that I scrambled up onto while not being able to see the cache. John told me it shoul dhave just been there, mostly out in the open. I described the area as best as I could, and he confirmed I was in the right spot. However, no cache is to be found.

I think this one went the way of mine that I had up there previously. One muggled cache.

You couldn't find Negative Ion Generator

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Rake said...

Those can be frustrating day. However, I look at it as excercise needed and leave it at that.

better luck next time