Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FTF morning

Trying for two FTF's - failed the first. Now about the second...

It was just one of those mornings. A cache had been published while I was out hiking yesterday (RoadRunner claimed it was his "Evil" side showing when I called him on it.) **Rake - RoadRunner is Nevada's Volunteer Reviewer, imagine my confusion when you talk about your friend!!** Then, this morning, he published another one, so I dragged b0neZ out to go grab both.

Unfortunately, when we opened up the first (a Bug and Coin Hotel) there was Team Bernsports signature. A quick look online showed he and his son bagged it last night. This area is just south of my notify circle of Found caches, so I never got the note. Off we race to the second cache!

There's a cute little park in the Indian Hills area that used to have an insanely clever cache by Churm - it was a log book in a baggie underneath the plastic cover of the rock bench. The glue had come loose, so nothing was holding the arm in place. Sadly, that cache was muggled, but it opened up the little bird-watching area to another cache.

We combed through the rocks for a good half hour - both the Garmin and the Delorme leading to the same spot. But, defeat was in the air and we gave up on the cache to head home, watch the season finale of Lost: Season 3 (I'm still catching up) and catch a nap before heading up to Reno.

The Nevada Rock Art Foundation was having their monthly presentation and this month was a pre-screening of a documentary done on Rock Art in general, primarily led by Dr. Alanah Woody. A mere month after she gave the thumbs up on the video she had the heart attack that claimed her life. The producer dedicated the film to her.

Afterwards I hung out at the Bennet's for an impromptu gathering and talked with a few of my friends that I only get to see for one week out of the year. And I learned that we're returning to Lagomarsino in MAY!! And continuing work in September - hopefully we'll get the groundwork done and begin the work up on the cliff face. 5 years at a single Rock Art site and the prize gem sits so close to completion. I'm hoping Gus will continue to let me stay with the GPS site of it. Not only is it using ArcPad mobile GIS software - but what geocacher out there wouldn't droll over being able to handle a Trimble with sub meter accuracy?! No joke, I could move a foot and it was reflected accurately on the screen.

Now to plan my hike for Friday - Maybe I'll do Prison Hill, or maybe I'll see about getting the Stonehenge cache that's been just sitting there mocking me.

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