Friday, February 15, 2008

A successful failure.

Today was interesting, to say the least. I'll explain why a little later today when I have time to sit and type up something here and on the One Thousand Footsteps.

By the way - Greetings Rake!! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for the link on yours. It's amazing how a note from a stranger can bring a smile, but seeing the notice I get about your comments has brought one to me. Thank you. I hope that these continue to be interesting.

Ok, so My plan has been to go hiking again, especially since I intend to be atop Freel Peak by October! So, I'm picking up the scattered caches that lie along the edges of Carson up in the hills and require a little more than a short hop from the car.

Today's goal was Negative Ion Generator, the only waterfall in the area and vitually unknown to most Carsonites. I had a cache up there when GPS the Game was having it's players hide treasure chests around the country. Once that was over, I simply swapped out the containers and submitted it to

Unfortunately, sometime between the winter when I hid it and spring, the foliage thinned out and well, one muggled cache.

However, good news is that another cache popped up actually at the waterfall shortly after. I however have not gotten up there to get it. So today I decided would be a good day to do so. But, in a sure sign that I've completely lost my mind, I decided to abandon the paved road leading right up to it, and instead WALKED from my house to the center of town and up King Street.

3 miles later, I was still more than a half hour away - though only a half mile according to the GPS, however, the road bends and climbs - from the cache and I was at my mid-point for my time limit. Needed to turn around. Made it back to the house with time enough to realize my calves are now killing me. Luckily, Smith's is nearby and IcyHot stocked on their shelves.

So the success? I walked/hiked 6 miles today! The failure? I didn't get the cache I was going after. C'est la vie!

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Rake said...

Thanks for the welcome.

I have enjoyed reading your page. Hopeing that your commitment on getting outside may just push me to get out there while it may be a little cold.

I snagged to caches today. I am excited about that.