Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hiking and Caching

Decided today was the day to start hiking and grab Bear Rock.

Originally it was going to be Lori's Lookout as that's the cache closest to me that is yet unfound. Mostly due to the final waypoint being a hiker (at least until the gates open again in May). However, when I entered the coordinates again (after losing them already three times), I saw that it was further away than I thought. But, Bear Rock was the closest so I trudged up the hill, through the snow and the mud, to make it to a outcropping of bare (Bear) rock way up in the hills. There was also the second of two lonely trees up there right by the rock, so now I'll be able to spot that site while driving by on Hwy 50 below.

Found the cache quickly, typical Duke.Johnson cache of a hiker followed by a micro/small cache. Thankfully this one wasn't a 40 minute search and I was able to make my mark and go focus on being at the site. Sat on top of the big rock and watched the traffic drive by while I ate my lunch.

On the way back, I turned on the TrackMe feature of the Tracky software that my dad introduced me to. Posted a note on both forums that anyone was welcome to follow me while I made the trek back. Funny, took over 2 hours to get my lazy bum up there, about 20-30 minutes to get back. It was steep!

Now that Bill's awake (somewhat) I'm going to see if I can talk him into going caching with me to pick up the remaining ones in town.

So far, I've found:

You found Bear Rock

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Rake said...

Sounds like a nice day trip outside.