Friday, February 8, 2008

Fallon caching

Hanging out in Fallon on a great day for caching.

Got an email from Mama Gravy asking if I wanted to join her and CandyCorn on a trip out to Fallon. Well, DUH! Geospyder jumped on board after I posted I was heading out there on NGA.

The little dirty green Jeep took the lead and I navigated to numerous caches. I learned my lesson with BroncoCacher and WhtWolfDen you always load EVERYTHING when everyone in your group has different finds. Saves on headache as to who found what and who's memory to rely on.

Shot straight out Highway 50 and grabbed a couple right along the road. Then into Fallon. Time kept us to the main corridor through the town. I know I barely made a dent with the 25 caches I picked up. CandyCorn got 30, and I forget how many Gravy and Spyder got. The fun ones of the bunch were the ones on the flood gates. Tricky little caches. Only had to call John twice, thankfully! We also got spotted by Fallon PD while rustling around in a bush looking for a bison tube.

Mostly it was a numbers run and a day to get out of the house and enjoy one of the first beautiful days that we've seen in awhile. Spring is around the corner and it's starting to show.

Today we hit:

You found Reading Is FUNNNN!!!, Senior moments everywhere!!, Shm #215 Dam, Lahontan?, Lil House Tin , Flood Gate: Brush Garden, SHM # 19 Ragtown , We're not in Vegas anymore. , Jinxy-Poo, GAS CACHE, Undercover, "Minty" , Spear Bar , Flood Gate:Old Rice RD, RICE PATTIES, Casey's Bottom, Flood Gate: Coleman Road Walkway, Wal-World , Raley's Believe It or Not, Everything and Meds Too, Jezabel's Cache, American Way to Bank, Fcc , Safe Way to Shop, Rocks Galore, Park Cache

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Rake said...

Any day with sun and caching in it is always a great day!