Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vegas Invasion Pt 2

Oh goodness, where to start? Well, at the beginning. I'll break this into two entries, so this will cover Saturday.

Okay, after I finished last entry, and getting a private message from BroncoCacher that he couldn't believe that I was up already, I headed up to Reno to meet LostInReno. However, I had some time, so headed up to Virginia City in hopes to get the one cache up there that I keep missing. Unfortunately, it was also the same day as the motorcycle rally, so about 500 dirt bikes were crowded into the small town. I gave up on the cache and attempted to get out of town. Finally, made it out and down Geiger grade. While heading down, I got a call from Altered7151 who was also going to meet up with us. I gave him the nearest cache to her house (a sure sign you are a real geocacher) and told him I'd be there in twenty minutes.

We got together, and began grabbing caches throughout south Reno. After running into an area where we were thin on caches, we headed out to grab the remaining Lockwood series. Needed a lifeline on one and witnessed Nature in action, a garter snake getting a meal out of a baby rattler! Totally wicked! Heading back into town found us some more caches just before we spotted the Southwest plane coming in. Off to the airport!

LiR parked outside the Baggage Claim and Altered came up with the idea to leave our coordinates on WhtWolfDen's cell. But after 15 minutes of waiting, I wandered in to see what was going on - hurm, their bag was sent out the wrong gate and it was at the opposite end of the area. We packed everyone up into the truck and drove over to the Nugget to drop the gear before we took our turn caching.

So now it was LiR, Altered, WWD and son, and me all piled into the Xterra and heading out for an afternoon of caching. We made a beeline for the center of town, picking up sporatic caches along the way. After awhile, we decided to head to UNR to grab the handful of caches up there. Course, LiR couldn't pass the chance to bring a Vegas local to UNR. Our first find was odd, it was sitting out in the open, but then we ran into trouble.

One cache was hid with the intent to show grade school kids how to use a GPS. The last log on it was a DNF. When we get there, we could clearly see where the can had been hidden, but Ricky decided to check under the steel door leading to an underground communications pit. Altered open the door - and there was the cache, floating in two feet of nasty water. Ricky climbed down into the pit to retrieve the cache and I emptied it out, setting the children's books aside to dry and inspected the log. Sure enough, proof was in there that this was no accident...

We gathered up the cache and took it with us. We finished off that section of town before it was time to head to the event. Once we arrived, we saw that we weren't the first. Several others were already milling around, but more were soon to follow. What an awesome time we had - so many new and long-time friends were there. I even finally got to meet cabokalz! WWD had his coin collection with him, the first such large one that Reno's seen. Most of the collections stay in California. Everyone had a great time, with lots of chatter going on amongst the various cachers. We had folks from Oregon, Sacramento, Battle Mountain, and of course Vegas there - though BC never did make it.

We awarded the Machavellian Award to Spyder this month, took him completely by surprise as I was talking about byjer micros and he's thinking he doesn't have any micros out in Pyramid. Chatted with so many people I've forgotten who all I talked to, but it was an incredibly successful event.

Afterwards, we (now joined by Moonchaser) were waiting for the elusive BC to show, when Ricky finally said "Let's ditch Steve!" Okay, off we went.

Deciding since it was night, we would head towards Dot, Dot, Dark. Course, that put us right past Hoofocker, so of course we had to stop and show them the funniest cache in town. Lots of pictures and many stories later, we were on the road when BC finally calls to say he's free and where were we. WWD explains what we're doing, which resulted in a twisted use of Hoofocker's name, and BC was on his way to meet up with us at Galena Junction. Then it was off to Dot, Dot, Dark!

Now, we in Reno/Carson are daytime cachers - very few of us actually go out at night and that's only till about 9ish. Our guests, however, were used to calling it a night around 1, maybe 2, in the morning. BC asked if this was a new phenomenon here, I replied it was an unheard of phenomenon. So the existance of a night cache was a novelty that wasn't unique to those who are used to it. We also hit two nearby caches, one a hill hike that left me winded, but at the cache. WWD (or BC) made the comment that would have only been a two back home. Yeah, yeah, bite me.

By this time, LiR was beginning to fade, so we grabbed one more cache and then headed back to her place. Rearranging the Ridgeline got the five remaining cachers into one truck and off we went again. This time it was just a run up McCarran to grab the ones BC had done Friday night.

All of the ones he did.

Including the plank!

BC had the idea to make the other two wait on top of the bridge while the third attempts the cache. Ricky goes first, leaving his Dad and Moonchaser wondering what is going on. BC and I are ready with our cameras. He makes it easily across, also holding the underside of the bridge for balance - what, am I the only one who can just walk out? - and grabs the cache. Moonchaser was next, but she opted to try another sunny day. WWD went last, and he nearly felt as we pointed out that his head was mere inches away from the swallows nest above him. I walked out there again to have a picture of the two of us on the plank.

I think this will be my challenging cache whenever I go out with friends.

After everyone was safely back on shore, we called it a night and I headed home. Tomorrow, breakfast at 9 or 10 - with specific instructions that I was not, under any circumstances, to get up with less that 7 hours of sleep.

Yes, sir!

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