Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vegas Invasion

And so the weekend begins:

Yesterday, I was called into work early, which actually worked out the best for me as I wanted to leave early to make it up to Reno in time to hang out with LostInReno and BroncoCacher for a decent amount of time. But even coming in early didn't get me out early enough, and so by 6PM I bailed. I guess there are some advantages to being a pseudo-boss.

Called Holly (or Holly called me) just as I got into Steamboat Springs - this phone call should have told me exactly what sort of situation I was getting into. When the jokes start flying within two minutes of getting on the phone and LiR commenting "I am not relaying that!" you know things will be interesting.

Filled up the tank at the 7-11 and waited. Turns out they *walked* over from the Nugget, but at least we were down to one vehicle. Dinner was over at the Great Basin Brewery where we were joined by Mr. and Mrs. GeoSpyder. After a long dinner where there was more talk than eating, as there were now five cachers sitting at the same table, we paided the bill and strolled over to Spyder's cache hidden on the train.

Neither LiR nor BC had gotten this one, so I sat back with Spyder and took photos of them trying to find it. After a short while, during the whole time Spyder was laughing, he walks over to show them were it was. Um, nope, not there. They try someplace else, nope. Keep searching! I join the fray as I remembered NVGreenGecko finding the cache in a slightly different spot. Both mine and BC's hands came out covered in grease and grime from the base of the train, but he - with his trusty pocket mirror - scored the cache that had been moved from its original cubby. With the log signed, it was time to decide where to head. The random guess of McCarran and the general neighborhood leaves Spyder in an area that he's already cleared, so both of them bid us fairwell to meet up again tomorrow night. It was our turn!

While walking back, LiR decides to get BC a benchmark that's nearby, so we walk over to the far end of Victorian Square. There we spy the Southern Pacific Railroad Yard SHM (#189), no cache there... is it too close?... let's go find out. walking over shows us that the nearest cache is .1 mile away. I load the coords to double check and find that the nearest physical cache is .1, the beginning of a multi is 366ft - but BC knows that if the end of a multi isn't within 500ft, the cache is good. I run back to the truck while the two of them lock in coords and grab one of the hide-a-keys my Dad recently got me, to return and place the new cache. It'll be under LiR's name, but I use my trusty PocketPC to create the page and send it off to RR. As soon as I said "Sent!" BC get's on the phone and calls our friendly reviewer to beg, plead, and cajole him into publishing the cache, like, NOW! BC = "Don't give me that bull about out caching right now! Oh, you're in St. George." Oh yeah, the Vegas folk were heading to Utah since we were stealing BC and WhtWolfDen this weekend. After another colorful phone conversation, RR suggests that he might hook up the laptop and might check the wifi and might see if there is any caches waiting to be published, maybe.

So we head off in search of a cache. Originally heading north, we hit Rock Blvd to get two caches up there. Since I already had one and couldn't recognize the other, we walked over from a nearby street (and only parking) to McRock. LiR and BC both search and find the cache and I'm checking my email and NGA... whoops, new email - RoadRunner has published the cache... and another one! FTF fever! we jump back into the truck and head to the other end of town, hopeing that GeoJeepers have already got their glass of wine in hand and won't be out tonight. Randalh and Byjer both don't do night caching. We pull into the parking lot, park a mere 20 feet from the cache (at the top of a rockwall) and jump down the 5-6 foot wall to begin the search. A slight variant on safe1's usual hide, but the cache was found nonetheless. BC wrote in that he, a southerner, beat all the locals!

We picked up random caches around south Reno, some we'd found, some new to us. Then, as midnight began rolling closer, we decide to head for the Steamboat Ditch cache. Why? I have no idea other than it sounded fun. And BC sounded like, "Why not?"

So we pull up to the site and I attempt to show him the plank - hurm, it's invisible at night in a blue LED light against the pale white concrete. So we crawl down to the plank and I show him where it is while LiR hangs off in the background. He makes it across steadily, being tall enough to actually do Byjer's suggestion of holding the belly of the bridge, but get's to the end and finds that his stature is actually a downside when it comes to logging in. Short little me walks out behind him and with the two of us perched on the board, I sign the log while he provided light. Handing it back, he replaced it and I scooched back to the stability of the bank. LiR would have gotten an interesting picture with the two of us out there, but alas, I didn't have my camera.

At it was now 12:30a - the longest I'd been out at night caching - it was time to call it a night and head for the motel (or home, in LiR and my cases). I dropped them off, wished them goodnight, and off I went.

This was by far the perfect night for caching. Partial moon for light, very few people wherever we went, and temps warm enough for a light shirt. Between Spyder coming back from Cabo and BC coming up from Vegas, I think the decent weather followed them.

Now today - I'm almost ready to head up (again! possibly to stay the night) to meet up with LiR and Altered(some series of numbers) for some morning caching before meeting up with WWD at the airport. Then Sunday it's caching on Vegas time (i.e. 6am!) though LiR and I are both, like, No! We may do 8, 7 would be pushing it for breakfast. With it not getting so hot up here, we start later and cache longer through the daylight. I've read comments on NGA of getting up at 5. ARGH!

This whole weekend, dedicating to caching, what a trip!!

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