Friday, April 6, 2007

Cache and Dash

John recently made a point that Nevada caches will sit, unfound, for long periods of time. He then went so far to inform us his San Diego friend beat everyone local to the FTFs!

Well, since today I worked 4pm-12am, I decided to call his bluff and searched for any unfound Fallon caches.

Looky there! RoadRunner just published a new one today! So off (again) to Fallon (again) I go.

Fairly straight forward cache, and even scored $5 for my troubles. Decided then to try to find Touch of Glass whose access road was foiling me. Now I had plenty of time and managed to circumvent, in the longest way imaginable, what turned out to be an easy road right off 50...


There inside the cache, with the biggest, blackest, "Save me!" eyes was the NTBR entry, the Desert Tortoise. As much as I swore I wouldn't help any bug, this one was just too cute to resist and he's been sitting out there all alone since the Launch. I had to!!

Grabbed the little guy and back into town to ATC which seemed a good move (the bug was picked up later today, so it was a good move).

Now Fallon has no internet cell signal, but my phone has wireless on it. Back and forth on Hwy 50 showed me several places with unsecured networks and tons of secured ones. Piggybacked on one to log my moves today, then it was back home!

Course, I had to stop one more time at the rock wall cache in Stagecoach. Been there 3 other times, twice at night thinking the headlights would help.. They didn't.

This time I parked and got out of the truck after some brief research on 'how easy' this cache was supposed to be. But I forgot to set the brake. So my truck did what trucks are apt to do when in neutral, no breaks, and pointing slightly downhill.

Thankfully the curb was between my truck and the back wall of the fountain. As it bumped to a stop, I walked around front to see how close I got. Missed, but the oddest thing had happened...

The truck rolled at a slight turn, so the front was pointed at an angle.. pointed at an opening in the wall..

Pointed At The Cache!!

My *truck* found a cache I've DNF'd three times! My *truck* just rolled up there and went, "Found it."


It was time to go home and get myself to work.

Tomorrow the *thing* happens, and I'll tell you all about it afterwards.


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