Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hanging out with the crew of Xterra Planet

The *thing*!!

Told you I'd tell you about it. Though, for those of us who were there, you will see where parts have been edited to screen what was filmed - since the final product will only be a portion of what was actually caught on camera and I don't want to say "We filmed here, here, and here," and only have the stuff "there" be aired.

Today, after I spent another joyous day in school, it was time to book it up to Reno and meet up with Bea (Mamma Gravy), Holly (LostInReno), Jim (GeoSpyder), and Michelle (moonchaser), along with Erin, Kevin, and Stewart - our "flies on the wall" for this venture.

We all met up at the Sparks Marina to get footage of me looking for a cache to go hunt. Course, during this, I was on the phone with RoadRunner trying to sweetly talk him into publishing the cache (even though decided now was a great time to see how well things ran on molasses). Poor RoadRunner, I'm sorry man!! Eventually, the cache was published, the GPSs all loaded up with the right waypoint and off we go!

First stop, a three stage multi by byjer. As we approached, we saw this was an interesting area with a lot of tall cottonwood trees. Oh no. Then, a mere 40 feet from the first stage was a muddy pond area. Double oh no. Remember, we are talking byjer here.

Spyder and LiR make the first move and he bravely dove (walked) in to fetch the first clue. Returning to dry land, he handed over the cache to me so I could read off the coords. Um, something was wrong when the coords I was reading off were the same as those already listed in the GPS... oh kay...

Once we got that straightened out - it was off to the second stage. Again, I went boldly where no one else in their right mind would go, and surprised Mamma Gravy with a suddenly airborne cache container! LiR grabbed the next set of coordinates and we were off back to the vehicles.

Course, silly ol me couldn't resist trying to climb up the old stump that was lying there, but when the entire top layer of bark fell of in my hand, I jumped back down with a quick "Never mind."

The third stop was the funnest, in that LiR took the easy way, moonchaser and Mamma Gravy went the rocky, but easy way, and Spyder and I went right over the outcrop. Explaining later, we could only say that once within 200 feet of the cache, it's whoever can get there however. Cache was found, log was signed, and we were off again!

Decided to also hit up a couple caches down the east side, but since our time was short, we stayed to the highway. Spyder suggested the cache near where Kitty Cache used to be and we pulled down into that same amazing tufa formation. the cache was quickly found and we were off again!
Nearby, back on the road, was yet another byjer cache, part of the Off Again series that runs the border of the Reservation. We hit that before heading towards Nixon as moonchaser was looking for numbers.

After we picked up the two in Nixon, one outside the town and the one at the southern end, I decided that since the rain clouds were forming, it was time to try for that damn tree that foiled us last trip out here. But this time we had two secret weapons - Geospyder and DAYLIGHT!

Drove up to the grand old tree and I made a beeline for it, knowing exactly where it is even without the hints from Spyder. "Mad Monkey Skillz" (aptly named by LiR) got me up into the tree and the cache in my hand. Score for us!!!

Back into Wadsworth for a much needed appointment with water and soap - the Crew catches up with us and offers dinner if we could suggest a place. LiR jumps in with Foley's on Virginia. Okay, back into town.

We swung my McPrater to do a vehicle swap and then head off, caravan style, to the sports bar. However a mere three blocks away, Erin calls me and saws Foley's is PACKED! Now where? Pulling in the deserted Park Lane Mall lot, we converse for awhile and settle on Bully's in Meadowood. Here we go again.

My directions were about as clear as mud, so while the others headed off to our second option, I swung by the Olive Garden to lead our wayward travelers safely to the mall. Upon arriving though, LiR calls up at the same time I see the disaster.

Bike Night at Bully's.

Oh, about 2 dozen bikers all hanging out in the bar, outside the bar, around the bar, in the mall beside the bar, OY!

Take three turns out to be Legends across Virigina and they were at least managable. I think we spent the next two and a half hours talking about what we did today, what other segments they're shooting, explaining various aspects of geocaching - all three of these guys are Muggles, after all.

I had a totally wicked day, and loved every minute of it! I can't wait to see the final product and I know that everyone else left with huge grins on their faces, though we were extremely exhausted by the time we staggered back to our vehicles.

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