Sunday, April 22, 2007

Find caches in Fernley!

It's Friday again and that means... SCHOOL! boring!

Afterward, I headed out after two new caches that got published this morning. One up at the Camp Nye historical marker - bam! FTF. The second was at the Korean memorial across town. Took a few moments of navigating over there as I was on a time limit, but arrived easily. Just as I began a search another person walked up and loe and behold, it's another cacher. CampyC from Ventura. She made the find, we had a great conversation with me trying to think of the best caches in the area, but then I had to go.

I was meeting up with Mamma Gravy and Jeeper at Qdoba for lunch. Racing up to Reno got me to the restuarant and I could see both were there already. How can you miss GeoJeep?! Course, when I walked in, I was surprised to see Jeepette there as well. They handed over the book created by L3-Geo from our trip out to Fallon. Then FOOD!

This is becoming common - south Reno meet, Qdoba. North Reno meet - McDonald's. Spark's meet - Kraig's or Chevron at Vista. West Reno - Wal-Mart on McCarran.

Anyway, during lunch, the Jeepers made the comment that no one was visiting their Free Fall cache. Like that was subtle! So Gravy and I decide to head over there to check it out. However, as we were getting ready to leave, Jeepette knocks on the window and asks if we know the way or would we like them to lead. I looked at her and just asked if they wanted to come along an laugh at us. I got a funny smirk in reply.

So all of us headed up to Thomas Creek where we were met with a large tree. Gravy began looking in sagebrush, but I think "This is Jeepers!" so my focus is in the tree. Sure enough, there's the cache. Took a second to figure the set-up, Jeeper helped get it down. While we were looking through the stash, he reported that he's been up in that tree three times since it was created. Good, fun, creative cache - nothing less from the Jeepers.

To give you an idea of how these two (or he) approach life, as we were leaving they passed up a perfectly good bridge to go creek crossing in GeoJeep. Course, I followed along right behind them, but, the Toy needed an underbelly wash.... :-D

Afterwards we headed out to Fernley to go bag a couple caches out there. We had Lil' Devil's new one Torpedo locked in as our starting point, but there was a newer one about a mile away. DUH! we missed the turn and now were stuck on I-80.... all whopping 16 miles to Nightningale! A half hour later we were back in Fernley and at a clever cache that took us a moment to try and find. Ping-ponged through Fernley before heading back along 80 to grab the caches there.

The original goal was the Exit 22 series by GeoSpyder. However, there was a new puzzle cache that Gravy thought she had the right answer to, no go according to GeoChecker. Jeepers got in on the act and ended up with the same wrong answers. They got ahold of randalh who sent them on the right direction and she called us back to give us the right answer. Gravy however needed to head home for dinner and I was on my way to meet up with LostInReno and NVGreenGecko for the same reason. Later, when I called her back, Jeepette reported they were STF... to a math teacher!

Spent another hour with LiR and Gecko before she heads over to England to be married!! Had fun doing some later caching and also was shown the new rebar style that's showing up in Reno. After hanging out for a little while, it was time to head home. Spent some time talking with El Diablo Blanco in Iraq and BroncoCacher in Vegas.

Yep, I'm becoming quite social. Time for bed!

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