Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gerlach Recon

Well, finally made it back up to Gerlach to go grab some coordinates for MooseMob's Jeep event. But, before I could meet up with Hobbithiker, I went caching!

The first was one way up in the hills called LIMBO cache, actually a beautiful drive up and a fun cache. Though I have discovered my philosophy to caching - make everything a 5 star terrain. Man I searched everywhere for about 20 minutes, halfway through cursing GeoJeepers for hding the blasted thing too well. After an exhaustive search, I finally sat down to read the page, only to discover that the terrain was far less than a 5. Looking around, I spotted a likely area and what-do-you-know? Scored the cache.

On the way back (well, on the way up too) I found Mormon Cricket season has begun. DEMON CRICKETS! Some were kind enough to pose while I took their pictures, though I did manage to squish my fair share.

Once in Gerlach, I had my lunch at the webcam (and emailed LostInReno and MooseMob while I was there so they could watch me eat my lunch). Then it was off to Cave 447 and Home in the Sage caches. Both were cool, at least it got me doing something. The way back provided a great view of Granite Peak - the whole point of this expedition.

In case you don't know the story - Jeep releases Travel Bugs each year, the 2006 ones being green. Each Jeep is named after some peak somewhere - one of which is named after Granite Peak, Nevada. Okay, that's the first part. The second part is that MooseMob's Liberty finally gave in and he got a new 4-door Jeep Wrangler, painted Rescue Green (that bright metalic green), which looks exactly like the travel bugs. It wasn't a far leap from point A to point B and a request to Jeep themselves got the GJTB Granite Peak, NV itself transferred into MM's ownership and now his toy Jeep has a lifesized counterpart, including specialty tags with the bug number! So... he wants to take his two new toys up to Granite Peak, and here I am getting coordinates.

I met up with Hobbithiker (well, first I met their dogs, I think Pixel finally likes me and Scout is in LUV! hehehe). The three of us wheel up as far as I'm willing to go to this beautiful aspen/willow grove along a fast-flowing creek. I take coordinates and pictures and really enjoy my time up there. Then I'm invited back to the house for dinner.

After spending some time in Hobbithiker's home - I've now realized that I'm *never* really introducing my Dad to him. I told Jami that I had literally walked into my own home. From the unicorns and dragons to the tons of Star Trek stuff and other sci-fi memorbilia, they had an expanded collection of what we have. It was the Marvin the Martians that convinced me those two guys shouldn't get together.

But I loved the snakes, the white one was absolutely beautiful!!

Then it was a late night trip home that for some reason took me until after midnight to get back. I didn't think I stopped that long. I tried for one cache, but the wind was so bad I only spent about 5-10 minutes, then got another LPC when I got to Reno. Hurm, maybe alone way out in the desert something odd happened that I can't recall....

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