Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mile Markers

So I felt like caching - but when is that something new?

Hooked up with LostInReno for a day around Tahoe. Though first I went to explore the other road that led out to Hwy 50 according to my map. A beautiful drive through some awesome alpine areas led me along a great road that wound down along Logan Creek and got me to within a half mile of the highway, before I discovered why it is that maps are flawed.

A tree was lying across the road.

I, seriously, had unhooked my axe from the rack before I realized that hacking my way through a 2 foot diameter tree would take a wee bit longer than the hour I had until I met up with LiR. So, instead I drove out again (20 minutes in on slow mode - 10 minutes out on normal speed - ludicrous speed was not going to happen today) and made my way to Glenbrook to investigate the road from the other end. The logic being if the road was impassible anyway, my trip to the store for a portable chainsaw wouldn't be necessary, but, if the road was as decent as it had been before the tree, well, that would be a worthwhile investment.

*&$%@! What is it with gates and Private Property and me trying to find a way in/out?!

Scrap that whole idea - it was a great drive though - and just watch the Forest Service station for that magical day when the gates open for the season.

Meeting up with LiR sent us around the west side of the Lake, picking up whatever caches we could in a conservative amount of time. Which, for the most part, meant the Mile Marker series by applejohn. A few additional caches thrown in for some spice, but mostly we were after a variety of micros along the highway. The ones that stand out were the Trickee Tahoe cache (well done), Trekking Down the Truckee (LiR pointed out that THIS was a cache to bring MM to), and MM 65-II.

I think by the end of the day, we'd gone from Incline Village to Emerald Bay in an amazing 8.5 hours. She got 25-odd caches and I walked away with 20. Not bad at all for a day of cleaning out one side of Tahoe. Still missed Kim's Overlook, maybe our guests would like to try for that one. I think it'll be awesome.

Though the best news came very early in the day when I decided to check and see what NUTS was up to. GBES has been insanely quiet, so my news tends to come from NUTS, NGA, or the rare visits to Groundspeak. Rock & Crystal had posted a comment about Are You Ready? and the GC134MJ

Um, pardon me for a moment....

HOLY FRIGGIN' CRAP!!!! IS IT FOR REAL?????? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh hem.... for those who do not wish to click the link above, allow me to explain in three words...




I am SOO going.

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