Friday, May 4, 2007

Vegas Invasion pt 3

Okay, Sunday

First, you know this had to have been a tiring week since I’m only just now getting around to writing about it.

Saturday before we parted, BroncoCacher threatened me if I even thought about getting only another four hours of sleep. LostInReno told all of us that she was sleeping in and would catch up with wherever we were when she finally decided to wake up. So, Sunday morning, I crashed at around 1am and woke up, as usual, around 6ish. This isn’t my fault; it’s what I’ve been doing! So, I just hung out, checked email, chatted on NGA, and re-ran a Pocket Query that would give me *everything* in Reno. Around 9am, I see a post from LiR on the page, so I posted my attended note, also adding a comment that I was surprised she was awake. All in all, one word – BUSTED!

Shortly after this, I’m getting bored, so I head up into Reno. Around Steamboat Springs, WhtWolfDen calls to say they are just now waking up and how long would I be. They want to go out caching before meeting up with LiR for lunch, but I’m starved and need food now. I call LiR who says she’ll meet us all at Great Basin Brewery again. It’s a date. However, Great Basin wasn’t open yet, so when the guys meet up with me, we all walk around Victorian Square grabbing the few caches down there, including the now accessible Tribute to Sparks multi. While I have the GC number already logged, this was a new cache for me, so I got to puzzle out the coordinates while the guys read off the various numbers to me. Bout this time, GeoSpyder calls and tells us he’s placed three new caches, one from TRAKD who was at the event last night, and now wants to meet up for lunch.

Eventually, everyone piles into Great Basin and it’s off for a powercaching day of Reno. Now, this is the first time we’ve all done this, so it took some practice on how to move around and follow the available caches. We were trying to mix in what the locals needed with showing the visitors what we had to offer. We hit a lot of Spyder caches (including one that was muggled), Safe1, grimmie, eph5vs20, byjer, and the Alamo and Lil Devil caches. I think by the end of the weekend I’d up my count by 20, LiR had 30ish, and the guys hit 60 that one night. We found about 3 needing replacement, a few recently muggled (one cache was lying out in the grass field), and lots of others ranging from ammos down to nanos. WWD made the comment that we sure had a lot of historical markers in town, of course, I had to tell what happened when I went to Vegas looking for the 20-odd ones that are supposed to be down there. Rude Park Ranger!

After FINALLY finding the Starcrest Micro, Spyder invites us over to his house at 5pm for some refreshments. We hung out at his place for awhile; admiring his backyard (Mrs. Spyder was excited to tell us they’d finally ordered furniture for the patio). Very comfortable home and one I’m glad to be welcome at. The Spyders are great hosts! But, we had more caches to find so we bid farewell to them and went off, turning our arrow into Reno and eventually making our way to Oxbow. Of the various caches we found, the funniest thing that happened was at the park. Two guys, of varying states of intoxication, were coming in while we were heading out. One went to duck under the gate – and whacked his head on the STOP sign. All five of us had to bite our lips to prevent from howling out load right there, but once inside the Xtrerra, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Around 8pm, LiR declares it is time for dinner. Caching has a remarkable affect on hunger and thirst. Water you can’t avoid, but needing food tends to get pushed aside. Choose meals wisely and it’s a great way to lose weight! We drove through downtown Reno looking for something that all of us wanted. Eventually Outback was suggested and off we went towards Sparks. We arrived around 8:30 and they close at 10pm. This is important.

Actually I think I’ll sum up the next hour and a half – we had a busboy stepping in as a server and they were raising the cows in the back. About 9:30 is when BC had enough and was off to complain, thankfully our food was spared the inevitable negative reaction to our complaint at the busser brought it out at that very moment. Needless to say, none of us was very happy – though we did manage to relax and visit for a long time.

As it was now getting late, LiR needed to head home since she had to work in the morning. We went back to Great Basin to trade off from her truck to mine. Saying farewell to her, it was now my turn. Now that I had a decent PQ loaded into my GPS and was situated where I could see where I was going and what I needed to do, I zipped south along Virginia St and stopped at every cache I could find until we hit the dead zone between South Meadows and Summit Sierra. Turning back, with Ricky now leading with his GPS, we cut back onto McCarran just as BC was saying midnight was the cut off time. Took me a few tries to get into the correct driveway for the Jeepers Quail Park cache, but that was a good finish to a great night. No where near MooseMob’s 107 from the night before, but a fair stab for 12 hours of caching with nearly a two hour break (between Spyder and the Outback nightmare).

I took the guys back to the Nugget where we stood and talked for about half an hour. The biggest topic was LiR and my planned trip to Vegas in November. BC made the comment that not only do they have to top this weekend, they have to do it twice! (LiR is going down in July also). But I’m more interested in the hikes and Vegas cachers are known for their evil hikes. Especially since ic_nevadamike, brooker, and LVHiker are down there. BC issued a challenge to me, get in shape by November and he’ll lead me up to Mt. Charleston.


This was a great weekend and one which I would gladly repeat as often as I could. I invited the guys back up, maybe to do a run around Tahoe – WWD seemed excited about bringing his family up to the Lake, and BC wanted to go offroading. I told there about the dirt road between Kingsbury and Spooner – the reply was “COOL!” And I’m going to hold up my promise to get in shape by November. 180+ days left, hopefully to progress from cleaning out Ophir Creek Trail, to finally bagging Freel Peak and Mt. Rose. I will do this and I will be able to keep up with the whole bunch of them.

Thanks for a great weekend!

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