Monday, May 14, 2007

A trip along Tahoe

After getting back from Gerlach, I learn from Bernsports that's notify system was down and he got an FTF that I didn't even know about! But, I think I'm stirring up some friendly competition around here. Though there was a second cache - as best as we could tell inside the Gun Club's property.

On Tuesday, the 8th, I ask LostInReno if she wants to go for a walk with me and grab some caches. We met up at Rancho San Rafael to hunt some of the caches that lie along the outer edge of the park. A quick stroll got us the reincarnated Snake Tunnel (4th version) and we checked out the park area she's reserved for Hot August Nights. We also meander over to the arboretum and get skunked on that cache just before the park announces it's closing the gates. So, we headed over to grab dinner at Palais de Jade since a recent NGA conversation was raving about the food before heading home.

Now, Friday, LiR got her bi-annual bonus and only worked a half0day, so she got a bunch of us together to go caching around Lake Tahoe. The only problem? I'm sicker than a dog, and of course, I'm going! Yeah, this was intelligence to the max.

We met up at Qdoba (again - we should start getting discounts) and then turned our attention up Mt. Rose. For some reason, between all the GPSs, everyone managed to be missing certain caches, but amid all of us, we had everything imaginable. Our group consisted of LiR, myself, Moonchaser all in the Xterra, CharlyBaltimore in their Jeep, cookie&faith and deeno in their Subaru. We grabbed the easy ones right along the highway all the way to Incline where everyone made a run for the Go Tahoe! cache inside the Visitor's Center. However, I noticed I had a voice mail waiting for me while we were up at the summit, and when we got back into cell range, I learned MooseMob had called. So I got on the phone with him while everyone else cached.

And stayed on the phone with him through 5, maybe 6 caches total over the next 45 minutes. Course they were all ones I had found before so I just shouted out hints in the middle of our conversation. Mainly we talked about his idea for a Gerlach event (this town is getting popular) and my idea for a Statewide Meet & Greet and various ways we could get both ideas off the ground. Then we just chatted about various things. Since I hadn't actually talked with Lynn in a long time (well, since November when I was in Vegas to grab the Counties Challenge cache) it was good to touch base and catch up on what was going on in the other side of the state. It was funny that he kept trying to get me to tell the others to sign his name to the log sheets since he was there electronically talking to me.

Once we hung up, I was able to get back into the game in time to find the Webcam cache was completely blocked by traffic. So into South Shore and grab the caches there. We managed to finally get my DNF'd Cave Rock Trailhead cache, plus two others before my flu decided to remind me that I wasn't yet fully recovered. I crashed in the back of the Xterra and managed to worry LiR enough when I refused to have them sign my name to a log of a cache I hadn't found yet. Sue me, I'm anal, I need to physically hold the log book or cache in my hand to feel justified in logging a find. They logged me in anyway.

We grabbed a bite to eat at Izzy's (managing to worry CharlyBaltimore to no end) before heading back down to Carson. Somewhere along the way i got my second wind and was able to point out enough caches for Moonchaser to end the night with a nice round number.

A totally fun day and one I can't wait to repeat on the other side of the Lake, once I'm better.

Saturday, I went back up to visit Mom - and since I was feeling slightly better, went and logged those caches I was logged into myself. I just can't let a known cache go unfound. I'm addicted.

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