Sunday, March 4, 2007

A totally wicked day!

Last weekend, several of the ‘new group’ of cachers (as I call them – you know, the ones that have cropped up in the last six to ten months – or at least I became aware of them in that time frame) wanted to go hit Pyramid. That’s cool, but I was already planning on spending time with Mom. Well, then geospyder drops the bomb – both he and byjer will join the group for a personal tour of the lake.

Now, understand, of all the caches out there, byjer has hid 95%-97% of them. The rest? Hidden by Spyder! Now this officially sucks, and I told them so.

All of the new folk came back crowing about a fabulous day and anywhere from 32-43 caches found. Crap, crap, crap.

So, LostInReno, NVGreenGecko, and I took our turn at the lake. Since it’s on Paiute land, it’s a $7 pay-to-play (as byjer calls it), so whenever you go up there, you go to get your moneys worth. And we did.

Heading up from SR445 to Sutcliffe, and then further north to Warrior Point, we grabbed every cache along the road, including a few I’d DNF’d on my trip through with dad. I ended up being the adventurous one as I scrambled across the face of a huge tufa outcropping to get one of Spyder’s caches. Holly got an, um, interesting shot of that pose. We also grabbed numerous byjer ‘cattleguard’ and ‘guardrail’ caches. Angie at this point began humming the Band-Aid theme song as the whole series is called “Stuck on You”. We also found a cool cache that ranks up there with the Talc Mine, this called Inside an Indian Head? Funny little tufa cave with questionable goo along the rocks that I had to put my hands on to climb up into it. Bagged the cache and we were out of there.

On the way back, I again got to be a ‘monkey-girl’ at our one and only DNF that night. Turns out it was too dark to see properly, and so while standing up in the tree, I failed to see the cache. Crumbcakes. However, my nerves were tested later as, in Wadsworth, I crossed a rotting old railroad bridge where several places has fallen away into the Truckee below. However, as it was pitch-black by this time, I was able to cross easier than I would have been and the cache was found.

We got back into Reno, and Angie wanted to try breaking the score set last Saturday. However, once the stop at Holly’s house for some Advil happened, the adrenaline rush came to a halt and the cold air finally got to us. Still, 11.5 hours of caching was a great day and I look forward to planning out a 24 hour attack on Reno once the night warms up.

Thanks to this run, I finally caught back up with LaughingGravy, course it’s a fragile lead. I think I bagged 23-25 caches yesterday. Yeah, it was a good day.

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