Friday, March 30, 2007

Hitting Reno with Mama Gravy

Well, after class let out (like that was time well spent), couldn't help but notice that a cache I thought was on east Carson was... well, less that half a mile away.

So, I drove over and was too busy fussing with everything else that I completely missed the GPS buzzing me and did a double take as I spotted the site. What's a bench doing there? A creative U-turn brought me back to the site and a quick grab got me the cache.

Off to Reno! But, since I knew Mama Gravy was going to be tied up for awhile, I decided enough was enough. I'd been seeing Pagni Canyon on my unfound list since the GBES gang decided to resurrect it. Well, knowing where a cache is and it's little icon popping up on my GPS was irritating. So, another creative U-turn (which, BTW, does NOT happen when you are trying to get off Eastlake Blvd onto Hwy 395) took me back to the parking area and I was able to hike to the cache.

While there, I was yelled at by two hawks who were annoyed that I was so near their nest, though where the nest was I didn't know. I also spotted another white owl on my way out of the canyon, just like I had seen on my first hike up that amazing place.

Having reached Reno, I needed to retake pictures of the Steamboat crossing. Since it was me, and since my camera has a self-timer, I managed to get some interesting shots. Jerry approved all of them, so I posted the two best. While checking email and sending photos around town, two USGS workers pulled up to do some surveying - of course I was parked in their line of sight.

Hooked up with Gravy at the usual McDonalds and after a quick lunch, decided to do byjer's Caveman cache. Two reasons, GeoSpyder sounded like he enjoyed it and with the *thing* coming up next week, the more practice I get on his caches, the happier I'm going to be. However, while I still don't really know him well enough to predict anything he does - his warning it'll be an SOB cache makes me really glad Spyder agreed to come along.

Once at the caveman site it became obvious this wasn't going to be normal. Some creative tweaking of the natural materials - since when is fishing line 'natural'? - got me what I needed to retrieve the cache and then what do I do? Pull the same stunt Spyder did and down comes the cache at terminal velocity and pop! There goes the lid, nicely busted. Oops. Later also discovered that the means of snagging the cache also vanished. Okay - there goes the second email to byjer today.

Afterwards, we went out and did the Swan Lake series. Yet, we ended up on the WRONG side of the ditch. Don't ask how, but when we got to the cache site, I stood a mere 12 feet from the cache, I could see where it was hidden, and the only thing between me and it was a creek of treated sewage water. Ewwwww.

Once on the right side, we score that cache and the Act II cache. On the way to the End cache, we were surrounded by an amazing cacophony of bird calls! The only way I can describe it was LIFE! This must be the overwhelming feeling that Castaneda describes Don Juan subjecting him to. Though he had to listen for the holes, I just stood in awe of the complete tapestry. That was the best moment! That also resulted in about four more emails to byjer.

We picked up a few other caches, until getting skunked on the "Duke" for the fourth time. Okay, enough's enough, time for a phone call. Hurm, voice mail - we'll come back.

Headed over to a new-ish one that just puts a smile on your face, and then off to Bark Bark before picking up my rig. While searching, the phone rings and there's the SOB (sweet ol' byjer) himself giving the OK for a find since the cache that skunked us is technically missing.

Bea and I finish up our day just as the sun was going down and I began heading home. Got on the phone with byjer and just chatted the whole way to Carson - mostly about the *thing* and our upcoming trip to Lodi for the RCGDS event.

Yeah it was a Jerry day - now I need a rest.

Tomorrow - Jeepers!

Boy, I'm turning into a regular social butterfly.

PS - the *thing* will be revealed after all is said and done. Going to keep it hush hush at the moment. Needless to say, there are those who already know what's going on.

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