Monday, March 12, 2007

Second Mini Reno Run

Okay, right back into Reno I went.

This time, when I stopped to hide my cache, it was so early in the morning, no one was parked there. A few rearranged rocks and I have a hidden cache just waiting for the call back from Washoe State Park.

Once I got to Reno, headed over to NVGreenGecko's house. Once I got there, faith of cookie&faith also showed up and into the house we went. Faith got to show off the mirror plaque she and her husband has made for the Travel Bug Race! It looks awesome!

We headed over to IHOP for breakfast and then onto the road! My original plan was to just head along McCarran and grab all those, and we sort of stuck to it. Found some fun ones down in Oxbow Nature Study, including one that had a rather comfortable log to, well, log from!

We also got to play up under the huge bridge over the Truckee - of course after realizing we were on the wrong side of the river! I had a blast playing around on the sloped underbelly of the supports and we got a great picture that really messes with your perspective.

Around we went, grabbing the quick drive bys. Got near UNR and found a BYJER LAMPPOST! I loved my log "Jerry! Why?! Oh, how the mighty have fallen." Later, we even found a geospyder LPC and that log read "Et tu, spyder? Et tu?" hehehe, I have to pick on them, they volunteered to lead the tour around the lake a few weeks ago.

Most of the others were standard micros. We did hit Rancho San Rafael and got to visit with the animals. Good thing NVGreenGecko volunteers there. Great looking ram and boy did he love Wheat Thins!

I'm now 23 ahead of TLG after this insane weekend, though how long that will last I don't know. Only 13 behind the next in line. Now I'm beginning to understand the Obsessed's viewpoint of the "Next cacher."

All in all it was a great weekend and I had a blast hanging out with MoonChaser, NVGreenGecko, and faith. Can't wait to go out again on the big adventure for the Rally primer.

Oh, and good news Sunday night - finally got an email from Abe. To just hear from him is welcoming. Not sure if everything is (or ever will be) settled, but knowing he has the time to sit down and read through months of email must be a good sign, right? I hope I can see him again soon.

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