Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm a sucker for a dare

After the Pyramid run with NVGreenGecko and LostInReno - I earned a somewhat risky reputation of having no fear.

So what do these two do? Place another challenge in my lap. This time, a Stuck On You series cache at Steamboat Ditch. The goal - walk across a narrow board to the cache site. The catch - some rather nasty water in the stream below.

So, during yesterday's desert trip, I was talking to byjer (owner of the cache) and got a few tips on how to accomplish this goal.

Today, after work, I head up to Reno to grab a few caches. First, though, I had to put GeoJeepers hint to the test at the Sunset cache here in Carson. Struck out three times on this thing and was now Ignoring it. Cynthia, however, gave me one more shot at it. The hint was "It's probably where you think it is."

Yeah it was. Hurmmmm :-\

Up in Reno, and meeting up with the dynamic duo took us out to the UNR sheep field (whatever it is called) and back along the foothills where Steamboat ditch runs. Underneath the bridge is a measuring station that requires an operator to hoof it out over a board to the display.

Both of the gals hung back, so I lent LostInReno the camera and off I went. Wasn't as hard as they made it sound, but the bird poo make it interesting to cross. Even had some fun with precarious poses, and one-legged stances.

Bagged the cache easily once I just got into a byjer mindset again. It's hard to decide who is the biggest mind case - byjer or churm, but either way, you don't want to be doing too many of theirs in a single day. Tylenol becomes the drug of choice.

We got back up on the road and headed over to the cache at the cattleguard. NVGreenGecko hadn't gotten that one yet, so we let her look. After awhile, the three of us got down in there to search for the cache. Both LostInReno and I had found it while it was a black magnetized hide-a-key. No longer! Gecko made the score.

Seeing as we still had time left over, we decided to hit a nearby cache called Movies-R-Us. Took some creative driving around Hidden Valley to get to the coords, and once there, Gecko made a quick find. Cache was stuffed with movies. Cool theme idea.

Heading back to Holly's house, we passed by a cache that had been placed less than 400 feet from her living room. When we finally found it - she was fifth to find! We had fun chatting awhile, then it was off to dinner.

So, after work, I scored the four caches I needed to bring me up to 1140.

Good round number to hold onto while I see if it is even going to be possible for me to head over to Lodi... which at this point is looking doubtful.

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