Friday, March 9, 2007

Mini Reno Run

Well, today, moonchaser and I hit Reno.

Spanish Springs to be exact. While not a true 'powercaching' day, it was still a lot of fun and I think I ended up with 18 caches today.
We met up at McDonald's (our standard North Reno meeting place) and headed out Sparks Blvd, then bounced over to Vista. Fair number of finds, and a few DNF's to keep us on our toes. We struck out on two of Spyder's and one Team Alamo - rather good in my opinion, considering who the hiders are. I did email Spyder for a hint on the second DNF and he was able to get me in the right direction.

Tried a bit of night caching, though by that point I was starting to get wiped out, mostly because I only ate a 6-piece at noon and I was now facing 8pm.

I headed home over Virginia City, scoring one cache, being fooled by a mystery, and skipping by two others due to being dark and me being really flakey on the drive up Geiger.

On another note - I did scout out a site for the cache I'll be placing in Washoe tomorrow. Got to give my racer a good start and a new cache sounds like the perfect way to do it. Course, I have to make sure RoadRunner cooperates. :-)

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