Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scaling a wall

So, a short while back, CommRow opened up in Reno. This place took the old Fitzgerald's and morphed it into a huge rock climbers paradise (IMHO).

Outside is a massive climbing wall that extends from the second floor to the roof. And on the second floor are two huge bouldering walls in the rough shape of a room sized boulder. So, this aspiring rock monkey had to go play.

Today, I had an appointment in Carson and so took advantage of the time to get my truck fixed. Two broken engine mounts, lovely. I met up with my new friend BrazAm and we hit Reno to have some fun. Headed up after a stop at Starbucks and I got the chance to introduce her to map reading by making her find where we were and also navigate us to places along our route. We chatted and talked about everything as I took us to downtown Reno.

Inside, got the low-down on the place (food and bars open at 4pm, but the walls were open). There's a $12 day use fee that opens access to the inside and outside walls. BrazAm settled in to take pictures and I got onto the wall. I am seriously STOKED that I was able to not only climb, but climb several times, and a couple times even reached the top level of holds. I worked mostly on the flat surface but a few times tackled the convex wall, though I was not strong enough to try the concave wall. There was also a huge overhang to play on, but yeah, not now!

Afterwards we headed to Pho 777 for lunch, and I went for boring and grabbed simple Wonton soup. More chatting and talking then off to go find the Ides of March geocache that also needed a bit of maintenance to return it to the correct condition. That was simple but BrazAm took a second to work out the puzzle part. Then it was a stop at REI for me to spend my last birthday present and grabbed a hand exerciser to help strengthen my fingers and forearms for holding onto the rock easier. I also picked up a mini little waterprrof bag that my phone fits perfectly in for when I go out on the kayak. That'll help me answer my phone or take and send pictures while on the water. Been having to remove the phone from the dry sack until now.

Back home found us hanging out with Puzzleman who we caught eventually after he had to mess with us as to where he was. Sometimes I question why I put up with that silly man! Talked about our fun day and made plans for more exploring as I want to drag BrazAm off road and find the more remote and fun caches and unique and beautiful areas of this state.

And now for school, but I had to share because I had an absolute blast today! Whoo Hoo! (definitely made up for the news from the appointment today... :-/ )

Me on the Wall!

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