Monday, October 31, 2011

Up a canyon!

Another fun weekend of exploring.

Originally the plan had been to go out on Sunday up into Goni hills to see how Puzzleman has improved over his years of off road experience. But those plans fell through.

So, to start with, on Friday I headed into Carson to grab a quick cache, dinner with my dad, and then hang out with my buddy. There a times when one can have an uncomfortable conversation, a regular conversation, a silly or superficial conversation, but then there are times when the conversation is everything that a discussion nees to be. Open, honest, and mature. I had one of the best talks I've had in a long time and it was GREAT! I miss that. That is one of the best reasons to have a truly best friend. Anyway, I digress!

Saturday morning my dad and I headed up into the area south of I-80 outside of Fernley to continue my goal of clearing out Churchill County. Sunds like a massive project, but I am less than 60 caches away from that goal. I hope to finish it soon-ish. Maybe by the end of the year?? We headed out to the old Central Pacific rail bed, then over to the hot springs of Nightingale. From there we visited a cool outcrop of rock and the site of an old salt works. Afterwards we crawled up to an old site of one of the Transcontinental Airmail beacons. Then back down to the valley to find a huge basalt boulder than as soon as I found the cache, I dug out my new rock shoes and scrambled right up the face. OMG are those sticky!! My toes fit into the tiniest little ledge and I had full control. WOW that was awesome! Then we discovered an old mine site (in the middle of the valley, go fig) and explored what should have been an emergency airfield. After that we came across a tufa field. According to the cache page, they were called Mugwumps. Totally weird pillars of tufa that are a blast to climb on as long. You have gloves! Ouch, that stuff is murder on skin! Back home, I went to see the UFC fight which was boring until Penn's bout came on. Overall a great day and a lot of fun clearing out more caches.

Sunday, the original plan fell through, so we headed south to Rickey Canyon outside of Wellington, where the 2006 Rally went through. They left behind a line of caches that has been sitting on my map every since! So, grabbed a friend of mine, and up we go! Having been there before, I knew what the scenery was like, but neither of my friends did. The look of WOW on their faces was incredible to see. We found a handful of caches up there, mostly Rally ones, a few that had been placed before and after. Then I found a new road to explore and we headed straight down the mountain side into a really beautiful canyon named Minnehaha. It was so awesome down in there we had to place a cache. That road exited into Topaz Ranch Estates where we set off in search of food (and another cache) before heading south through Wellington and grabbing a few more along the highway, while most were drive up and grabs, two proved interesting. One had a very unique camo cover and the other had us running back to the Jeep in fear of it being driven away without us! Thankfully, all was good and all but one cache found.

Another awesome weekend with great friends. I am really lucky to know such good people who make me smile all day.


Fernley to Rickey

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