Sunday, October 16, 2011

Death of Diabolical

This weekend was a truly awesome adventure from Friday night on.

The big event was this was to be my Diabolical Journey's last weekend. So I wanted to ensure that it went out with a busy weekend vs just slipping into obscurity.

So, Friday I met up with fobofobic, Charlie Baltimore, and Find Waldo for a run up into the darkness. As usual, it was a lot of fun for me and for those who hadn't done this type of hide before (unless they were experienced from my first Diabolical and then I really had fun with them!) the only glitch was the final was lying out about 20 feet from where I had hidden the replacement. Ah well.

Saturday morning spent the time with Dad having breakfast and just talking then driving around town going to the Halloween shops. I do love this time of year. Puzzleman was free in the afternoon so we went to go explore some areas he hadn't been in before and clear off some caches that were littering both of our maps. Had a great time bouncing around the hills. That evening was the monthly coffee meeting and we had a pretty good turn out. I liked how it came in two waves which meant those few of us that stuck around the whole time got to meet a lot of old friends. Finally, Snake and DarkStar showed up and we headed off for the second run of Diabolical. Aother fun night and the glitch there was both guys set to work immediately with the UV light before finding the first fire tack. BWAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, headed out again with my buddy and a friend of mine recently converted to geocaching. We went to Churchill Butte to clear off the caches up there. Also headed to Lahontan to grab a few new ones there and see an area that reminded both Puzzleman and I of SANCTUARY!!!! LOL stopped and had some pizza in Silver Springs before continuing south and into the backside of Churchill Butte. Now, you would think after all this time, Puzzleman would know when I suggest a road and state I haven't been on it before, he should seriously consider accepting the offer. As it was, he didn't and we bounced up a narrow canyon wash road up to a ridge line road that literally ran the spine of the ridge. After the third down and UP, he looked back and me and stated "You do this to me, every time! We really need to reconsider our relationship!" LOL needless to say we survived and found the cache. Back down at Fort Churchill got us the few in the park needed. Then across the river to grab my last one needed at the Buckland Trail. Oh how I love slogging through mud and muck in a cow field! But I did drag over a fence post to serve as a bridge through the softest part.

Back home, after stopping at Starbucks to log some finds, we played around Dayton, grabbing caches and just chatting about stuff. All in all it was an awesome weekend and one I am overly thankful to have shared with great friends.

Now, NEXT weekend is going to be busy busy busy!! But I'll fill you in on that then!

Churchill Butte

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