Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day of the Dead and the Living

Honest, the title isn't as depressing as it sounds.

So Friday is payday and a Friday as well, so things started out fantastic! Until I looked outside. What is that WHITE STUFF on the ground??

After work, I decide to head back into Carson, but not before swinging by the dojo to let them know that a lot of stuff is going on and I'm not able to attend and remained focused on what is being taught. Figure it best to put that on hold verses just neglecting to show up every week. Denise seemed supportive but also tried convincing me to continue studying. I don't want to quit and I want to continue learning, just... Yah, other stuff. Met up with Puzzleman in Carson to see his new tattoo and mid way through our conversation he learns he needs a cache for that day on his calendar. Eek, off we go to Washoe to grab one in freaking cold weather at 11 o'clock at night! WTH?!?!

Saturday morning woke up way to early and decided to go get a pic of the tattoo, forgetting what time his morning schedule was. So instead I go drop my truck off at Les Schwab to get a brake check done as Toyota reported problems (good news, nothing worth commenting on was found). So, while that was being done, got the picture I wanted and went to breakfast. Retreived my truck, then we went out to grab some cache around Dayton and clear out a small section south of Highway 50. Some fun times had there and I really enjoyed getting way off the road and into the backcountry. We finished up with one out on the Savannah's Peak road, before heading back into Carson to go to the Nevada State Museum El Dia Del Muertos (always thought it was Dia de Los Muertos, but they didn't have the "Los" in there) to watch a group of Aztec Dancers celebrate their deceased loved ones and give an opportunity to the audience to honor those they have lost. Got video of a little bit of it on my Qik page. Afterwards, we went down to grab Chinese dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant, China Jade Horse, before coming back in time to meet up with BrazAm. She's a new cacher I met and have been going out with lately and totally enjoying my new friendship. She's the one who took the pics of me up at CommRow on Wednesday. A great time hanging out with her over tea and just chatting about stuff going on. Later, I also met up with Puzzleman to arrange details on Sunday's adventure. Then dad and I were off to see Puss in Boots. Not a huge fan of Antonio Banderas, but in this, I love the voice he gives to that feline. MEOW!

Sunday woke up due to the stabbing pain in my shoulder. My arms have been aching since CommRow which was to be expected as I normally don't climb boulders, but that ache has for the most part faded, except for this stinging pain right above my shoulder blade. It hurts to even pull the gear shift back. Tarry asked me where is was and pushed on a few places on my back, until he hit right on that muscle and shot pain down my arm. He suspects it's the supraspinatus muscle and advises me to see a doc on it as I may have done something to my rotator cuff while on the wall. DAMN!

Anyway, woke up early, met up with everyone at the AM/PM and off we went to Sheckler Reservoir. Puzzleman needed a ton out there and I needed two that I was having a hard time getting out to. So I led him through the maze of twisting dirt roads all around that sea of sage and sand and we eventually cleared the area of caches. He also took the time to play in the sand with his new tires and new confidence when driving off road. I think I got a knarly video of him plowing through a washout area. He also raced fast through the straight stretches and I almost felt like the navigator or an off road rally racer, "Left coming up quick, okay, right! Now an S-turn to the left and take a right at the fork!" it was GREAT! Definitely had a good time.I think in all we grabbed 13 caches in two and a half hours before lunch. LOL afterwards we headed south and he cleared out the area north of Bravo 16 and we began the trip up into the Dead Camel Mountains. Unfortunately, just as we got up into them, the day's storm caught up with us and it was raining/snowing, windy and freezing cold. So we called it a day and headed back into Fallon to retrieve my truck and they could head home.

All in all a great weekend, and I am definitely looking forward to next weekend as it is a three day weekend and I get to caching with BrazAm! Whoo hoo!

Here's my YouTube channel, the two most recent videos are Aztec Dancers and Bugs-Eye View of a Jeep.

Pictures are currently uploading, so they will be along shortly.

Day of Dead Camels

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