Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend class and cache

Sometimes, things just happen.

On Wednesday, I have class at the college's High Tech Center. Our instructor informed us that the weekend class would be starting at 4pm on Friday. HUH?? Seems I forgot to put something into my calendar.

So, Friday rolls around and I wake up and go through my normal routine of reading Twitter. It starts like this...

Brush fire reported in the Caughlin Ranch area.
Evacuations ordered for western Reno.
Caughlin Ranch fire raging out of control.
Homes threatened, wind warning in effect, evacuation center full, schools closed.

Yeah, Western Nevada is having a rough year. I get to work early, as I need to be in Carson early. Today was also a day I got to go out into the field, where the sand dunes are, and right before the raging winds fanning the monster fire in Reno arrive in Fallon. Ever been in a sand storm? Yeah, fun ... NOT!

Saturday, I finish up the class and get my antenna fixed on the truck (literally, the wind was so bad, driving into it going to Carson *broke* the antenna of my truck!), then I hooked up with Puzzleman to go attempt to find his glasses that were blown off his face yesterday as he was out caching in that wind. We failed at that, found three caches, and were an hour behind finding the FTF on the fourth cache just down the road! I think it's time to go home. But tonight was also the Shogun/Henderson fight on UFC so I went down to Bully's and sat with Tarry and Jac watching the fights. By luck another friend of mine was also there and I got to meet her husband. :-)

Sunday, I met up early with Puzzleman and we headed out towards Fallon. He has a goal (dare I say even a plan?? *inside joke*) to reach his milestone by Wednesday, so when he and I head down to Rachel to meet up with MooseMob, he can time everything right so where each of his next two or three milestones can continue his Mystery Icon goal. If you were to look at his profile, the last bunch of milestones have all been Puzzles. He likes having the mystery icon for each one. Anyway, we'll head down there to work on the Alien Head, the UFO, the Busy Day challenge, and a few other goals that may or may not include any of the ET caches, we'll see.

Oh, Sunday. Yeah, so we got out here and headed south towards the Carson Lake to cut over the Boonjug Mountains and grab a few caches around the geothermal plant, then headed south towards the public access through one of the ranges, and out along the power line grabbing my caches I had scattered out there. Then back up north towards Sand Mountain and into town, finishing off the needed number of 31 caches today. We stopped for pizza and made our plans for the weekend. One of the few times the new geocaching beta maps have actually proven useful.

This weekend has actually been kind of quiet, mostly due to the sudden class that I had forgotten about. The weather has also dropped from mild summer into winter rather quickly so it was cold, cloudy, and generally dreary. But, I got to spend time with my dad and my friends, so all was good.

And next week is a three day week ... YES!!!!

2011-11-20 (by Eye-Fi)

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