Friday, June 22, 2007

White Hill

Okay - posting the quiz below also reminded me, well, I haven't updated this since Saturday.

Ok, Sunday morning, now that the Rally is over, Dad and I went to breakfast with the entire MooseMOB! Stress the second part there. Total party of 8, Lynn and Letty, the two daughters, and the two grandsons, and us. First we hit Cracker Box - um, riiight 8:30am on Father's Day. Well that ain't happening. So, it was off to Pop's BBQ for good breakfast and surprisingly empty restaurant. Of course I had the cinnimun roll and could feel the sugar clogging everything in me.

Then, since we had time, it was up to White Hill. Dad headed off on his own to go fill up the cooler and I led the Jeep up the Spooner Road to enjoy the backcountry of the Sierra. Managed to also find the Wood Nymph, though I couldn't remember where most of the carvings were. John called at this point (first me, then MooseMob) to get the coords for the picnic.

Once up on the hill, we saw that dad, wildoates, and the Topaz Geogoats were already there. I parked up at the front and MM parked his Jeep next to the road. Later, when Spyder rolled up in his 2-door version, they lined both Jeeps up as a gate that all others had to pass through. It looked cool.

We set up a table for bugs and coins, and MM's collection was laid out for all to see. Also set up the various raffle prizes and ever the new cache that was to be placed up the hill. I can't remember who all was there, but we had a fairly decent gathering for exhausted cachers. A lot of Rally folks came up, a handful from ODL, and one or two just random visitors. Great time and a lot of fun, which is purely what caching is all about.

It was also cool having not only RoadRunner present, but we also had Hemlock there - so when the new cache (who's page was already submitted) was being packed up with numerous bugs and coins, Hemlock was on his phone publishing the cache! That wwas just too cool for the rest of us caching minions.

After a long while of just hanging out, it was time to shuttle everyone back to their own places and things to do. I headed back to Carson with part of the family, said my farewells, and went home to log in.

And crash!

I think Dad was out on the couch even before I got my computer on.

Though, while logging, I realized I'd let both volunteers go without getting their coins! Drat! But, coincendentally, Lil Devil called for a lifeline on the Hobobrother cache that I'd just found and refound with MM. Whoo Hoo! Helped him out, and listened as they spooked up a rattler, and told him that I'd like to discover his coin. So we were invited to dinner that evening.

Dad and I get down there at a little after 7 and I think we left a little after 10. It was awesome being able to hang out and just talk, and talk, and talk some more. Both of them are on my short list of the folks I'd really like to go caching with one day and just hang out with.

This was a totally wicked weekend and I'm seriously bummed that it's over with.

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