Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tahoe with Lynn and Letty

Today couldn't have been more perfect.

Started the morning by caching around Carson - until I got a phone call from Erin. But as that's an entirely unrelated bit of news -just know that we could have done more but I was preoccupied. We hit somewhere around 8-10 caches this morning before drifting into breakfast at the Elk's Lodge.

I just socialized with those I knew and hadn't seen in awhile, while both MM and Letty sat down to have their breakfast. After a long while, it was time for the Rally folks to head out and I drifted back over and sat with them and Lil' Devil, Angel, Hynr, and Teachermom - along with the Elk's volunteers. A whole lotta chatting about a whole lotta nothing before we finally got out of there and up to Tahoe.

Running late put us at White Hill around 11:45, and a long time was spent looking for just the right place for the ammo can. MM had brought a large ammo can.. though he "didn't bring the BIG one, just the medium one." I don't want to see the big one if that is medium. We found a great spot with a view and cleaned out the area to place the cache tomorrow.

Back down the hill it was north bound to Incline Village and around. Our cache total wasn't high, but the ones we did hit we had a lot of fun at (especially at the Go Tahoe cache in the Visitor's Center - MM showed off both his little stamps he uses to log in - many many many times.) Mostly it was a day to enjoy the lake and the beautiful weather we were having today.

At one point, it dawned on us that the email for Opening Day at the Lake had not arrived yet - and we were wondering what would happen with the Meet & Greet this evening. MM started a whole idea about hijacking the Event and bringing his own logbook and having his own event. He went as far as saying it would read "An event by habu! (hijacked by MooseMob)" once he was done. For some reason that struck me as extremely funny and I kept chuckling about it all the way through Tahoe City.

Mom called somewhere around there and informed me that Stateline traffic was a nightmare and if I was in Tahoe - I might want to consider staying here. However, we needed to be back in Carson for the dinner - but I thanked her anyway for the information.

Once at the event, we hung out in time to meet a few of the other cachers who showed up early - all of whom had stopped by the registration table and picked up the waypoints - so it was an interesting conversation trying to figure out which "cache" they were talking about. Habu showed up and I was able to relate that I never got any of the information.

Back down in Carson, we encountered the Taste of Downtown and so had to do some creative driving to get back to the Elks. Good food, great company, and MM... er, RoadRunner was introduced to everyone. I even got up to address the crowd - introducing Lil Devil and Rock&Crystal as co-chairs of GeoWoodstock 6, inviting everyone up to White Hill, and the Statewide Meet & Greet. MM says I did a good job, I just sounded like I babbled... a lot!

Afterwards, we hung out with Team Spinner and had a long conversation with them about various things. Then, it was time to head back and make plans for breakfast. Okay - 8am, daughter's place, then Cracker Box. Oy, this pup is exhausted and I haven't even begun to study for my History test on Tuesday!

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