Friday, June 8, 2007

Here a Cache - There a Cache

All week long I've just been picking at the caches that are left around here, mostly trying to find ones that involve hiking.

Though, after Eagle Canyon, I desperately needed a hat that would shade my neck, so Dad and I headed to REI and got me one of those desert hats with the fabric on the back (and also got the Teaching cache on their property).

The next one I got was Skool of Rock, which wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be - though I haven't decided if it's overrated or I'm in better shape than I thought. I also DNF'd a newly published cache, and that was a wild story.

The next day, I ran down to Genoa to grab a cache that matched a needed combo on my Well Rounded Cacher progress - needed to call a lifeline (or two) before I was able to find it. Then, once I got back home, Dad and I went out to reattempt the DNF from the night before. While we were standing on the hill, a Jeep pulls up behind the truck and out gets Bernsports and family. I love being able to run into other cachers while in the field.

Then, on Thursday when I had the day free, I drove up to Genoa Peak Cache which matched another of my needed combos, before turning my attention to Recon's Revenge. A hard hike up to the summit of Rose Peak revealed... a muggled cache. Worse than muggled, outright stolen and a rude note left in it's place. Damn - and a Yellow Jeep Travel Bug was in there.

Today, however, totally rocked as it's Friday again and that means it's mine and mamma Gravy's hiking day. We chose to go up after Mustang Abbey and a few die-hards. A long, tough hike, but we both succeeded in completing our goal. It was a beautiful day today, much nicer than the hike up Eagle Canyon, and in the end we went 4 miles.

Afterwards, I decided to try for the final B-52, though I didn't know where it was because I didn't have the coordinates. After researching through the logs, the gallery, nearby caches that others had logged into, I was able to at least get my butt hiked up to the right hill. I searched for probably 20 minutes, before giving in and calling for a lifeline. Once Jeepers told me where it was, I found that I had been 10 feet away from it!! ARGH!

But I found an Abe cache and got that close to it after a huge hike, without the use of a GPS!! Woot!!

It's been a tough week - but the good news is my pants are starting to bag enough that I'm cinching down the belt. My hiking is working!

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