Friday, June 22, 2007

Ophir Creek Trail

Mamma Gravy and I got moving again by heading up Ophir Creek Trail. We'd each done various portions of the area cleaning out the older caches, but now there's new ones up there, so it was time to get them.

It was a great stroll all the way up, though the day started out rather cruddy. An understandably upset email from both Habu and John regarding some comments made seemingly from the Board. Personal politics aren't going to enter this blog, though Gravy and I did talk about them the entire hike. Even got a call from MM, both to steal his Jeep (whoo hoo!) and to talk about just what the difference between "power" and "authority" are and what he has of those. This had been a conversation we'd had the night before, so we just picked it up from there.

After deciding to ignore life in the valley for awhile, Gravy and I found three caches up the trail (including one I'd already gotten) and had a great little picnic lunch sitting by the lair of White Tiger 1. It's been awhile since I was up here, but I still remembered exactly where that cache was. Course three times up there to look for it really helped me get to know that boulder field.

Continuing on we made our way to White Tiger 2 and a GREAT view of Washoe Valley. Though the hunt took longer because the GPS was really screwing around, but I finally found it. Admired the view, sorted through the cache - aside from two other logs in May, the cache had not been found since 2005!! Geeze!

Hoofed it back down to the car and headed into work. Found out, due to something work related, that I won't be getting a day off again for awhile, though I'm hijacking the closing schedule.

The next day before my class, decided to go take a walk up Hobart Rd that connects to Lakeview. Since there aren't any caches along the lower part of the road, the only thing I'll mention about that is I think I screwed up my foot. It started to really ache.

At work, it just plain downright hurt.

By the next morning, the thought of pressure on it was the furthest thing from my mind. Following the RICE therapy right now, hopefully I won't be gimpy too long.

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