Monday, December 5, 2011

Desert Pinstriping

This weekend really wasn't that much of an adventure overall, though Sunday did make up for it. Friday and Saturday spent time hanging out with friends and generally doing not much. So we'll just skip those days.

Sunday had me and my dad heading out to the Desatoyas again. There was an FTF up the to grab we had previously tried for, but the snow kept us out with only one rig. So, we returned with two! I led in my 4Runner and he followed behind in the Tacoma. Yes, we're a Toyota family, though dad now has a Jeep for the serious stuff. Anyway!

The cache is called OMFG and the author goes on about how this is ATV accessible, serious Pinstriping guarenteed, etc. sounded like standard remote Nevada to us. Rated a 1*/5* it looked like a good adventure. So off we went! The canyon was one I had previously explored, but I didn't get too deep into it due to a large boulder that nearly filled the road and the overgrown willows on the other side. But we we went, squeezing past the boulder and diving nose first into the thick groves of willow and aspen. Pinstripe is an understatement, I think the whole outer coat of my paint was steady scraped off! Narrow snow covered road, a couple tight washed out areas, and a stream crossing for good measure.

We got up to the saddle and noticed the ground cover was very sparse, and just a lot of rocks. So, we continued up and parked at the summit of the hill with the cache a mere 300 feet away. Score! FTF was ours!

Then, we went back down to the saddle and eyed the road going to the second cache of the day. But it was way down in the gully, the snow was thick on the road, and there was no way we'd be coming back up that road in that condition (see I did learn something from ice hell road, look before going over the edge). So I hiked down and followed the road. The GPS showed a fork about half way, but when I got there, the road clearly went to the left, and the "fork" was a barely visible game trail that may or may not have been there sometime within the last decade. Someone was on drugs when they digitized that road! Gah!! But, I was on foot and my boots can go anywhere! Got to ground zero where there was an old cabin just there, and a pine tree with a huge ammo can under it. Cache found and I was heading back up the road.

Now the funny thing about this cache was it was placed on June 10th, 2010 per the log book. There is a signature from June 19th, 2010 that was their name and the names of the owners. The cache was published on June 22nd, 2010. I think that made up the FTF after publication and the first to log it in over a calendar year! Go us!

Back up near the top, I was really struggling. I was sweating up a storm, but it was so freaking cold (23* when I checked) that any time I opened my coat to cool off the sweat would freeze. I was getting nauseous and light headed and ugh, need heat NOW! I forced myself up that last 300 feet and collapsed into the truck shivering like mad. Ugh, I hate cold.

But we got those two, and after a quick bit of research, we're able to log the two Lonely cache challenges in Reno on Monday. One required 20 caches with less than 20 finds on them, the other was looking for a cache that hadn't been found in over a year. Done and done!


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