Monday, December 19, 2011

Adventures in high places

Winter, the season I usually dread due to the high amounts of annoying white stuff and the low levels of the temperature. Well, for some insanely bizarre reason there is a noticeable LACK of any sort of precipitation and a decidedly LOW average temp. So what am I to do when I am not huddling underneath a heavy blanket while lying in front of the fireplace?

Go caching of course!

Saturday, my Dad and I head out to finally conquer the cache that has been sitting on the south side of Highway 50 for YEARS and I have yet to get. Oh it's not due to lack of trying, I had previously tried twice for this cache. But the first time my car overheated due to the steepness of the road and the second time a spring holdover snow drift covered the road. But now! There is no snow and the road was wide open for the Jeep to climb climb climb all the way to the top of Fairview Peak! Grabbed the cache, the peak register, and the replaced benchmark at the summit! Whoo hoo!! Took some fantastic pictures while up there as well. but the coolest, COOLEST, sight we saw was the herd of 10 bighorn rams! Got LOTS of pictures of them and enjoyed being able to see our beautiful state animal.

Afterwards, we went and finally cleared out the new cache at Wonder, then the two on the road to La Plata. I am stoked in that aside from Mt Augusta and Jobs Peak, the southeast corner of Churchill County is now CLEAR! I have two at the far north end of Dixie Valley yet to get, as well as the peaks, before the entire eastern half of the county is cache free. Slowly, slowly, I am getting the county cleared.

Also had some fun getting a seasonally appropriate picture to send out as a Holiday greeting come Sunday. Of course, with the lack of snow anyway, I had to get creative. Dad came up with a great idea. Hehehe

On Sunday, Puzzleman and I decided to head south and clear out a few remote caches he needed and I knew how to get to. Since we were heading that way, I checked to see if BrazAm wanted to go with and she jumped at the chance. So the three of us headed up into Sunrise Pass and grabbed one of the more remote ones deep in the mountains, before turning back and heading down El Dorado Canyon. This is the canyon that separates Carson and Lyon county. I hiked down the canyon on my big spring break hike-a-thon and then Dad and I jeeped down it with the Reno 4x4 folks. So, as Puzzleman navigated his Jeep north through the canyon, I was relating where the modified rigs went down in the creek. Soon, we came to a spot where the creek had washed away the road, so the trail went down into the creek before coming back up on the other side of the washout. Normally not a problem, just drop down, splash around a bit, and then crawl back out. But wait, this is December, and it has been ungodly cold...

What is it about me navigating Puzzleman to the brink of an ice filled zone??

Thankfully he had learned his lesson about listening to me, and we parked to investigate. Not wanting to risk it this time, I asked how far away from the cache we were. 1 mile. Hey, it's a road the whole way, let's hike! So off we go, sliding across the ice when the trail crossed the creek, and just enjoying the chilly but sunny day. I love lithe cache down in the canyon because of the archway that it is hidden in. Lots of pictures were taken, and I got to play a bit with BrazAm's new 3D camera. Ohhhh spiffy pictures!! The hike back was uneventful and we headed back out to civilization.

All in all a great weekend spent adventuring with my Dad and my friends. Whoo hoo!!

Fairview to El Dorado

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