Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend

What an absolutely amazing adventure I had this weekend!!

So, it all started on Thursday when I had a great conversation with my buddy about some future plots we have in mind. Bwhahaha!

Friday, I went out with my Dad to IHOP. They are FINALLY back open! For those reading this who don't know, back in September, IHOP was the place where tragedy struck our dear precious Carson City. But now, they are open again, proving that the wounds will heal. At least there was a ton of patrons all enjoying breakfast, and I got my blueberry pancakes again! Dad and I then just kicked back and relaxed until it was time for me to head up to Tahoe and hang out with my Mom, Stepdad, and the neighboring friends for Yule dinner! Yum yum yum, oh the ham was delish and the company very enjoyable!!

Saturday had plans kind of going back and forth and ended up just caching along the highways with two great friends. Mostly it was just a chance to grab those caches along the pavement that always get passed because we're heading off somewhere else, and they're so easy and quick that "We'll get them another time!" Today was the day. Over lunch I think I surprised one of my friends by saying something he hadn't heard before. Dear sweet little me came up with that?!? I did love the look on his face though. PRICELESS!

Sunday, being the big Christmas day, had my dad and I going out on our traditional holiday "Go get lost" adventure. We discovered a road that headed south out of Fort Churchill down through Adrian Valley. Never been there before, let's go check it out! We found a valley filled with cottonwoods lining old railroad beds and head high sage brush swallowing the old fenceline that benchmarks were set next to. Several roads took off from there into parts unknown, but our goal today was the valley. Once we escaped out from Wabuska, we headed south to Yerington and a cache set out by the NvNuts ... don't ask, it's a Goobie and Randy thing. But hey, it was an adventure and THAT was the important part of the journey. Dad and I also finally decided we were tired of just looking at the neat tunnel on the side of the highway and we were going to drive through it! So we did. :D Then, headed further south past Smith where a cache called Talking Rocks had caught my eye. Sure enough, petroglyphs!! Happy wolf!! After we got home, I noticed that all of Yerington was clear, except for this one puzzle sitting on the confluence. So, we rented the movie Holes, solved the puzzle, and drove to Reno to claim the find. I like BIG empty areas where there are no unfound caches.

Monday, I hooked up with my buddy again to go cache around Fernley. It was mostly just a numbers run and clear out an area that is filling up again. So I think we got 19 caches in the south east portion of town, with only two we weren't able to find. Not bad, not bad at all.

And now, my laundry is done, a new anime series is sitting in the Netflix queue (Tears to Tiara) and all my pictures are finally uploaded. Take a look back through the last three entries and they all have pictures now.

Hope you had a great weekend as well!!

Christmas Weekend

Christmas Weekend

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