Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wow, let there be crickets

Has it really been 6 months since I've updated this blog? Wow, sorry about that!

Actually, I had forgotten about this until recently inspired to share it with a friend (Hi Qute!) and saw there really wasn't anything recent to share. So allow me to bring you up to speed, and when did I get 9 followers on here???

I think I am mostly settled into the new routine, though it has been a lot duller than I had hoped. Discovered a few new roads to explore, including one that cut through one of the bombing ranges out here, so of course I had to put a series of geocaches through that section. The road wound it's way back into the far hills and effectivelly blocked the lights of town, proving a great stargazing spot! As it wrapped around the mountains, the road topped out on two peaks and also went through a roller coaster section before ending up at a huge corral. Further down, the road became a partial stream bed and twisted and turned through a canyon that opened up into the salt flats at the bottom of Pucker Canyon. Plus found an 'island' in that salt flat where an old trough and corral stand amid the greasewood and Russian olive trees.

Another road I found goes straight up the eastern side of the valley and ends up way north in Coal Canyon outside of Lovelock. The ghost town of Coppereid lies along that road and has some interesting ruins. I cruised up there the night after the Rally and just hung out in the desert admiring the stars and watching the satellites crisscrossing the sky. Was serenaded by a pack of coyotes while out there.

Placed three new night caches out here that provide an introduction to the different techniques that I have seen. Still debating on bringing the Diabolical series out here, especially now that I have figured out a way to bring the phone stage back. Need to find an area where I can place them that is far enough away from town to block the lights, but close enough that I'll actually get visitors. Maybe I should explore Ramsey a little bit more. Can't think of a more remote area!

Summited two new county high points, for Churchill County and Mineral County. Desatoya Peak in Churchill proved to be an interesting access. My dad was with me as we headed up, and while looking at the topographic maps I actually found a pictograph site along the way! Lots of red and black shapes and squiggles on the cave wall. I need to go back and record it properly, but I had a mission today. We found the road that got us within a mile of the peak (two actually, Desatoya North and Destoya itself, the north peak is 6 feet lower than it's twin) so I slung on the backpack and headed off on foot. Followed the cow trails that snaked all over the mountain side to the saddle where I picked up the existing cache and then went to the highpoint to claim the peak register and the summit benchmark. Hid my own cache up there (yet to be found) before going down and up again to the North peak and claimed the cairn up here. Not a bad day overall!

Mineral county has a weird highpoint. The true highpoint is Mt. Grant at over 11k feet. However, in order to summit it, one must seek permission from the property owner - the US army. Sooo instead, Corey Peak, at 10,500+, serves as the accessible peak, and there's a road most of the way. Dad got the turn to just about 800 feet below the peak before the switchbacks got too tight and I hiked the rest. Another benchmark, another cache (this oe has been found) and another highpoint under my belt!

Have managed to get my kayak out a few times. Went paddling down the Carson River both in Carson and after the Lahanton Dam. Also paddled Lahanton so Andy could get the cache on the island. And! We went out into Washoe Lake and found the old pylons from the historic causeway that used to bridge the lake back in the Comstock days, THAT was a trip! It's always one thing to read about history, but to actually look down and hold onto the supporting pillar for a roadway that no one has seen in generations! Wow!

Work also has me bouncing around the country. Been to Florida, San Diego, and Texas for conferences. In Florida I managed to grab a cache there, and in Alabama and Mississippi, as well as a virtual outside the Atlanta GA airport. Go me with the states! In San Diego I met up with jahoadiandjohn and biked the Silver Strand and hiked around some interesting areas... Including an underground flume! That was FUN! In Dallas I didn't get out much, didn't feel up to it, but did grab a virtual outside my hotel and one at the Grassy Knoll where JFK was assassinated. Also got to hang out with some friends that just recently moved to Plano so it was nice seeing friendly faces.

Also started taking Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, just starting my third month and also just earned my first colored belt, so yay me, I'm a third degree blue belt! I'm really enjoying it, and while some of the instructors are focused on the martial side of the arts, I am wanting to focus on the internal aspects, where this is a means to improve my character and internal balance. The self defense stuff is just a nice bonus.

I think that's it. Haven't been out playing much lately as I'm trying to save money, since gas was eating me up. But this weekend, I'm going to go out playing with Tarry, Greg, and my Dad to go explore the ghost town of Bolivia and also play around Dixie Valley. This'll only be the second time I've gotten my tent out, the first being the campout at Fort Churchill where it RAINED! (Bonus, rainfly WORKS!) but it'll be nice to use my tent for more than just the spiderweb anchor point it's currently serving as.

By the way, you'll notice all the pictures are broken on my older posts. I had two Google accounts and decided to merge them. Well, the transfer didn't work seamlessly and so all the links were hosed. Here's the album for the pictures, but it is in some random only Google understands why order,

Desert Geocaching

Nothing more to add. I am hoping now that I know this works on my iPad, I will have no more excuses to not keep this updated. I am doing things, I promise!

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