Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rings in the Desert

Yesterday slept in way to long. After deciding to actually get up and do something, I just wasn't motivated to put the fear away. So, head out to go place a cache!

But first needed cache stuff. A stop by Big R got me a new can and I bumped into a Boy Scout fundraiser, where half the group were fellow caches! So hung out and had a burger with them before swinging by the Dollar Store for swag.

40 miles later, I was on the southern edge of Copper Valley where I had seen a bizarre shape on the desert floor. A huge, 30 mile wide, 'bullseye' was carved through the sagebrush, the concentric rings narrowing in to the point where I was set to place a cache. I also found concrete slabs there in the middle of no where.

Tis a mystery!

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