Monday, September 19, 2011

One Mega Multi

So I'm starting to clear out my 10 mile radius around the house of caches. I think I'm down to maybe four or five? One of which is a long 12 stage multi called Fruit Basket Upset. The cute thing was when this published I was watching an anime series called Fruits Basket. Really cute, I recommend it.

Anyway, because of other things with caching, I can only hunt down so many micros before my tolerance dries up. As this was to be 11 of them, I stretched finding them out over the course of a week. Two or three a night after work seemed to work out very well.

I did learn a few things though. Never wear sandals in the S Line Reservoir area, the ground is more ants than dirt and they bite. And walking through soggy meadow filled with cowpies while still in said sandals is really gross.

But in the end I found all the little pieces of fruit that had been scattered around the area.

However, the really cool thing was the sheer number and variety of birds I saw. One night, I watched an owl sit on a headstone at the nearby cemetery. Another day I drove by a bunch of pelicans and herons filling the water (as my mom called it, a puddle), scared up another large brown owl who drove right in front of my windshield, and chased a murder of crows up the road.

Glad to have another one marked off the list!

Last weekend was a dud, just did not feel like doing anything. So Saturday went out with Dad for dinner, Sunday lounged around under Puzzleman came out and we went caching around Sheckler Res as that's where both our clusters of caches were. Knocked out a fair amount out there though we did have a sprinkling of DNFs along the way.


Reservoir Caching

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