Sunday, April 26, 2009

Remote FTF attempt

There's a new feature on Nevada Geocaching Assoc, a map of all caches in Nevada with no finds on them - ie FTF!

Trekrr spots one smack in the middle of the state, New Pass Summit, and decides that we should take a stab at that one. So into the truck we go and out on an adventure. He'd mapped out the entire route, using Google Maps to find the right path up as there were numerous side roads that went nowhere.

Once we got up into the canyon, the snow began to worry him. I, of course, was willing to walk it once the truck couldn't go any further. So, up the canyon we went, higher, and higher, winding around through the canyon, until we came around a corner and stopped...

Why's that tree lying in the road?

Ah well, back down the mountain and head off to Austin for lunch and start picking up caches on the way back into Carson. You can be sure this won't be the only trip up there, that area was fantastic!!

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