Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wendover and beyond!

Puzzleman has it in his mind to do the DeLorme.

So, this weekend we headed out I-80 on a quest to bag as many DeLorme pages, the Oldest Caches out east, two additional states, numerous counties, and whatever else we could find.

So Friday night was the monthly coffee hour and there was an amazing 20-25 cachers who showed up! Awesome time all around and a great chance to finally put some names and faces together with their caching handle. Later, while packing and geting ready, Black Fox got his cache published right outside Starbucks. But I opted to get ready vs head out.

Saturday, while waiting for Puzzleman and bookmarked, Trekrr and I calmly found the cache that everyone else panicked over last night. Soon that Jeep showed up and we were on our way! We're going on a Road Trip!!! First stop, Lovelock for breakfast (early road trip) and a required stop at It Had To Have One. Then out 80 all the way to Wells, turn north to Jackpot and we all got our first cache in Idaho! Back south to 80, and over to Wendover. Good lord, that place is bright!! Hopped across the state line to bag our second state, then it was off to bed as we were all getting very tired and it was really starting to show.

Sunday, we headed south for the other Oldest Cache and all the way to Cherry Creek where we once again DNF'd churms cache on the old box cars. Back up to Elko and fly home, stopping only a few times for a county and another required stop at the Wall outside Lovelock. Then it was dinner in Fernley and home.

I don't think I've been that exhausted in a long time. But it was a very successful and FUN weekend.

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