Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Circle of 12 = 2300!



:eh hem:

Well, after way to long, way to hard, way to everything, I'm finally able to mark off that last little treasure chest on my GPS within my 5 mile circle of Carson. I FINALLY FINISHED THE CIRCLE OF 12!

Allow me to explain this cache. The Huntsman, Duke_Johnson, whatever other names he uses, hid one multi that had a micro cache with waypoints set on top of 12 highpoints around Carson. Well, 10 of them anyway, 2 stages are oddly in town. Anyway, I started working on this half-heartedly. I mean, come on, 12 hikes and you only get one smiley?? But it was there, it was nagging, and it was going to be found one way or the other.

But I got stuck on 4 - a swarm of bugs kept me away from the cache site and I gave up. But, now that a few others have found it, I was going to finish it. Found 4, and with the help of Trekrr, found 5 and 6. 7 was almost on top of another cache, 8 was a cool hike with a nice overlook of Washoe Lake.

Then, number 9. The one that proved who was going to finish this and the one that made sure you weren't faking the rest. A sheer climb from the bottom of Ash Canyon straight up into the Carson Range. Sure, you're GPS will only say .25 mile, but you are climbing STRAIGHT UP that whole time. I think the only reason I kept going was because it was easier going up than down, I knew I was never coming back, and I was not about to let one cache go unfound. Find it I did, screaming and yelling the whole way, and even discovered an old mine road leading down again. To give you an idea of how exhausted I was upon finding that one, Trekrr was called to give me a ride back to my truck and had to get out the rope to pull me back up the creek bank.

10 and 11 were cake compared to that, though I think even the climb to Mt Rose was cake compared to number 9.

And soon, 12 was in hand and I took immense pleasure in marking that damnable waypoint FOUND!

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